Cover of The Connexion Between Taste and Morals

The Connexion Between Taste and Morals: Two Lectures By Mark Hopkins. He was PRESIDENT OF WILLIAMS COLLEGE. This book was published by DUTTON AND WENTWORTH in 1841.

Cover of Sisters

Sisters by Kathleen Norris

Published 1 January 1999


Cover of Matters After Death

Matters After Death by William J Moylan

Published 13 January 2019


Cover of The Deer & the Cauldron

The Deer & the Cauldron by Louis Cha

Published 12 February 1998


This is the first of a three-volume picaresque historical romance by China's best-loved author. It tells the story of Trinket, an irreverent and comic anti-hero, and his adventures through China over more than twenty years at the beginning of the Qing dynasty. The story spans vast territories, from desert islands to northern ice fields, from Peking and the Imperial Court to the sacred mountain of Wu-tai-shan to the legendary Shaolin Temple to the boudoir of Princess Sophia. Rich in plot and hist...

Cover of The Master Plan

The Master Plan by Dave MacLachlan and Jerry Pettit

Published 1 October 2015


Cover of Ipso Facto

Ipso Facto by Legor Gran

Published 1 September 2003


Cover of La Doncella de Piedra

La Doncella de Piedra by Susan King

Published 1 February 2001


Cover of Suffer (paperback)

Suffer (paperback) by Michael Dunn

Published 27 March 2012


From a period spanning 15 years, the works herein were a way of exorcising the emotions and thoughts that would have poisoned from the inside. Now, they are collected and presented for the public. Understand, though, these stories were never meant for anyone else. Whether the setting is a desolate apartment building, a porno set or an everyday high school, it's still a world from the imagination of Michael Dunn. His characters, often struggling to survive even an ordinary life, are thrust into u...

Cover of Best-Kept Secrets

Welcome to Mystery Junction-where danger and desire are just around the corner! He was a man of secrets, and enigmatic newcomer Jake Collins had the whole town talking.Yet one woman knew who he really was. He'd been Amy Thomas's first and only love, and he'd vanished from her life without a trace. But the ex-Navy officer had left her with one precious secret of her own...their daughter. Now, when the time had finally arrived to reveal the truth, Amy fo...

Cover of Mediaeval London, Volume 2

Mediaeval London, Volume 2 by Walter Besant

Published 25 January 2019


Cover of Cry from a Silent Planet

Cry from a Silent Planet by John Rowland

Published 4 July 2005


The planet Cryon is due to collide with a black star resulting in the total destruction of the planet. The repercussions of this distant event are to have a profound effect on planet Earth. The year is 2024. Matt Slater and his family on a trip in the Wyoming outback stumble across a discovery that places the whole of mankind into turmoil. In a dangerous race against time, Matt must visit space and return in time to unlock a secret that has lain dormant for untold years. So begins a series of ev...

Cover of Three Days Gone

Three Days Gone by William D Carl

Published 27 October 2017


Cover of Rebirth of the Seer

Rebirth of the Seer by Peter Dawes

Published 11 July 2012


Cover of Jarred's Hill

Jarred's Hill by Author Ron Bryson

Published 20 October 2011


My name is Ronald L Bryson, I am married to a wonderful lady named Debra, I have 2 children Sonya Michelle and Timothy Wayne I recieved my inspiration for my story from the time I was in the military, I was also stationed in Alaska. I have 1 other book on the market it is called "The Battle Within" it is about poetry. Jarred's Hill is a story about a soldier from Tennessee. Jarred is a special forces soldier stationed in Alaska. The story is centered around the terrorist attacks of September 1...

Cover of Freeman's Home

Freeman's Home by John Freeman

Published 6 April 2017


The third literary anthology in the series that has been called 'ambitious' (O Magazine) and 'strikingly international' (Boston Globe), Freeman's: Home, continues to push boundaries in diversity and scope, with stunning new pieces from emerging writers and literary luminaries alike.As the refugee crisis continues to convulse whole swathes of the world and there are daily updates about the rise of homelessness in different parts of America, the idea and meaning of home is at the forefront of many...