Cover of The Cronkite Campaign

The Cronkite Campaign by Christopher J Widuch

Published 4 December 2002


Cover of The Wholeness of a Broken Heart

The Wholeness of a Broken Heart by Katie Singer

Published 31 December 1999


Hailed as a masterpiece, this poignant mother-daughter novel revolves around the story of a young woman's troubled relationship with her mother. Narrated in the voices of four generations of Jewish women, The Wholeness of a Broken Heart explores the vastly different experiences which divide first generation Jewish Americans from their parents and grand-parents.

Cover of She Was Beautiful

She Was Beautiful by Jack Curl

Published 5 November 2018


Cover of Seven Houses

Seven Houses by Alev Lytle Croutier

Published 21 July 2003


From a grand villa in Smyrna to a silk plantation near Mount Olympus, from a little cottage in a dusty town to the indifferent apartments of a modern day high rise, SEVEN HOUSES charts the rocky, uncertain course of one family's ever-shifting fortunes across the twentieth century. As her characters' communal baths and odalisques give way to laptops and cell phones, Alev Lytle Croutier renders a world that is rich with the portents of history and the magic of true faith. In the shdow of World War...

Cover of Time Shall Reap

Time Shall Reap by Doris Davidson

Published 5 April 1993


It is 1915, and Elspeth Gray is young, unmarried, heavily pregnant and destitute in a strange city. Having no one else to turn to, she throws herself on the mercy of a compassionate woman she once met briefly on a train. Helen Watson and her husband, themselves expecting a baby, gladly give the desperate girl a home. After Elspeth's son is born, however, Helen tragically loses her own child, and in her traumatised state transposes the two births in her mind. With the neighbours also believing th...

Cover of One Of Us Is Lying

One Of Us Is Lying by Patricia Wendorf

Published 1 August 1996


Cover of Reckless Heart

Reckless Heart by Amanda J North

Published 9 July 2020


Cover of Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater

Now a Hallmark Channel movie! You've seen Mark Darcy in his reindeer jumper, now meet Marco Cavelli in this season's Christmas knit! For single mum Maggie, Christmas has always been a family occasion - her daughter Ellen filling the house with her bubbly warmth and mistletoe, her dad Paddy having one too many festive tipples, and the traditional family Christmas tree looking like a drunken elf vomited a rainbow all over it. But this year, wit...

Cover of A Nest of Singing Birds

Anne is the youngest of the eight Fitzgerald children, loved and petted by her older brothers and sisters and secure amid their extended family in Liverpool's Everton district. When Sarah Redmond introduces Anne to her brother John, there is an unspoken attraction between them, but John goes to Spain to fight with the International Brigade. Only when war breaks out do they marry and have three children, with whom Anne hopes to recreate her happy childhood home. But John is busy pursuing his own...

Cover of The Ragamuffins

Set at the turn of the century (1890s - 1900s) in the East End of London it's about a baker, Arthur, who marries the naive 18-year-old Ellen after her parents were killed in a fire. Agnes, who has helped in the bakery for many years, is jealous of Ellen because she's in love with Arthur herself. She is more angry when she learns Arthur plans to sack her as Micky, a boy Ellen has befriended, can do her job more cheaply and better. She decides to get her revenge by getting Micky caught stealing. M...

Cover of East of India

East of India by Erica Brown

Published 16 April 2018


Cover of Family Shadows

Will the secrets of the past finally come to light?Morwen and Randall Wainwright have worked through hardship to ensure Killigrew Clay has become the biggest china clayworks in Cornwall. But its fortunes are never stable and threats to its future come from ruthless rival Harriet Pendragon, who sets her sights not only on Killigrew Clay, but on Randall as well. As a bereavement threatens to split the family in two, Morwen begins to wonder if the shadows that have dogged her since she was young w...

Cover of Mistress of Marymoor

Mistress of Marymoor by Anna Jacobs

Published 30 August 2002


Will new love conquer old grudges?Since her father died, Deborah Jannvier has been living under the provision of her callous uncle. So when a handsome stranger named Matthew Pascoe appears bearing a summons from a long-lost wealthy relative, Deborah agrees to return to Marymoor House with Matthew. On arrival, Deborah is told she shall inherit the estate on one condition: that she immediately marry Matthew. With no hope of a future otherwise, Deborah consents and soon after becomes owner of the e...

Cover of Only Love Can Heal

Only Love Can Heal by Rosie Harris

Published 30 January 2017


Her destiny was certain but love had other plans...Lieutenant Kate Russell's post-war life was all mapped out. According to her upper class parents' wishes, she planned to marry a man with a pedigree like her own. But fate had other ideas in the form of Robert Campbell, a mere staff driver. Kate is irresistibly drawn to him and they decide to wed. Her family, initially outraged by the proposal, agree to accept their marriage but only if Robert climbs the ranks of the army. But when the Allied f...

Cover of Summer's Last Retreat

Summer's Last Retreat by Grace Thompson

Published 16 January 1992


Cover of Valley Affairs

A touching story of Welsh village life.Cockney born Nelly Luke is an essential part of the community. Yet not even Nelly, with her shrewd eye, can predict the surprises in store for her family and friends.A new year brings new faces: Maurice Davies is back from the army, and Sheila Powell, a shop-girl, is eager to help him make up for lost time. But for some there's no escaping the past, and widow Prue Beynon finds herself confronted by a legacy she'd rather forget...Through the seasons, Nelly w...

Cover of DutchMan

DutchMan (Timberbeast Saga, #2) by Jae Hall

Published 10 November 2013