Cover of The Autumn Crush

The Autumn Crush by Andrew Eustace Anselmi

Published 1 January 2015


Cover of The Visitors

The Visitors by Sally Beauman

Published 6 February 2014


"Built around Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings, this evocative novel from New York Times-bestselling author Sally Beauman blends fact and fiction to recreate a lost world that's still fiercely enthralling and relevant today"--

Cover of La Vane

La Vane (Speed, #6) by Rose Gate

Published 6 April 2020


Cover of Legends of the Lost Lilies

The final and thrilling conclusion to the popular and bestselling Miss Lily series A mysterious telegram that says, 'Lily needs you' arrives just before a plane from war-ravaged England lands in one of Sophie Greenman's paddocks. Sophie, Countess of Shillings, has been living a quiet life on her property in Australia, until love and loyalty draw her back to England where she once trained to become one of Miss Lily's 'Lovely Ladies'. Now, in 1942, Shillings Hall trains women to become espionage...

Cover of Journey

Journey by Ursula Lily Halcoop

Published 18 April 2012


Cover of A Sister's Song

Her duty is to keep smiling through... When World War II breaks out, Suzanne's dream of attending the Royal Academy of Music crumbles. Determined to do her bit, she joins a swing band that entertains troops in some of the worst-hit cities of Europe. Through singing, Suzanne finds a confidence she never knew she had, and she soon wins the admiration of Britain's brave servicemen. But her heart already belongs to a Navy officer who is serving out at sea. The...

Cover of Secrets from the Past

Secrets from the Past by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Published 28 February 2013


A glittering new novel of deeply-buried secrets, passionate love, obsession and redemption from the master storyteller. Thirty-year old Serena Stone is a talented war photographer who has followed in her famous father's footsteps. But when he dies unexpectedly, she steps away from the war zone to reassess her life. Drawn to writing her father's own story, Serena approaches Harry Redford, his best friend and front line colleague. Harry has a request of his own. He wants her to...

Cover of Come Home With Me

Come Home With Me by Susan Fox

Published 15 January 2018


Cover of Entering Normal

Entering Normal by Anne LeClaire

Published 29 May 2001


Opal is a single mother with a five-year-old son, Zack. Unhappy with her partner Billy, who takes no responsibility for Zack, and her parents, who side with Billy, she packs the car and, with Zack, throws a dice. Landing a three she vows to stop the car when three tanks of fuel are empty. And so she ends up in a small town in Massachusetts called Normal and rents a house next door to Rose. But Rose is still locked in grief for her son who was killed in a car accident five years ago. The two wome...

Cover of A Bridge in Time

Christopher Wylie has been commissioned to build a bridge to carry the new rail-way.He knows that this will be his last so he designs a bridge of exceptional bebeauty.His daughter Emma Jane is the one who realises her father's dream...

Cover of Following Shadows

Following Shadows by Janneke Jobsis Brown

Published 26 June 2017


Cover of Palomino

From shattered dreams to lasting love.Every time Samantha went back to the flat, John's words rang through her head :'I can't live with you any more - I've got to get out.' He's been seeing another woman, and now she was promising him the one thing Sam couldn't give: a child. The man she had shared her life with, her love and her laughter, had lied to her.When the agency gave her four months on a ranch she thought they were crazy. Did they think a holiday would change her? She knew she was wild...

Cover of La Storia Di Licia

La Storia Di Licia by Nancy Testai'

Published 1 December 2019


Cover of The Fortunes of the Landrays

The Fortunes of the Landrays by Vaughn Kester

Published 31 October 2016


Cover of The Curing Season

The Curing Season by Leslie Wells

Published 1 May 2001


It's 1948 on a tobacco farm in southern Virginia and a poor young farm girl hopes to break away from an abusive alcoholic father by finding a suitor to rescue her. But for Cora Slaughter, a slight deformity forces her to live in the shadow of her sister Sibby, who basks in the attention of all the local boys. Tormented by the thought that she will grow up to be a spinster, and horribly teased by her schoolmates, Cora takes refuge in the books she reads that her teacher lends her. But life takes...