Cover of Foxlowe

Foxlowe by Eleanor Wasserberg

Published 2 June 2016


A compulsive and chilling debut about a girl growing up in a cult `Will lure you in - then cut to the kill' Guardian We were the Family, and Foxlowe was our home. There was me - my name is Green - and my little sister, Blue. There was October, who we called Toby, and Ellensia, Dylan, Liberty, Pet and Egg. There was Richard, of course, who was one of the Founders. And there was Freya. We were the Family, but we weren't ju...

Cover of Dracula illustrated

Dracula illustrated

Published 21 September 2020


Cover of Carmilla

The story is presented by Le Fanu as part of the casebook of Dr Hesselius, whose departures from medical orthodoxy rank him as the first occult doctor in literature. The story is narrated by Laura, one of the two main protagonists of the tale. Laura begins her tale by relating her childhood in a "picturesque and solitary" castle in the midst of an extensive forest in Styria where she lives with her father, a wealthy English widower, retired from the Austrian Service. When she is six years old, L...

Cover of Songs of the Dark

Songs of the Dark by Tim Mitchel and Joseph Martin

Published 14 October 2018


Cover of Bloodtrail

Bloodtrail by Kevin Paul Tracy

Published 19 March 2015


Cover of Chiaroscuro

Chiaroscuro by Matthew S Cox

Published 18 July 2016


Cover of House of the Seven Gables (Illustrated)

"The House of the Seven Gables" is one of Nathaniel Hawthorne's most famous works. It is the story of the Pyncheon family and the title house, the mansion where they reside. The house, which is built upon land acquired through unscrupulous circumstances, carries with it a curse on the Pyncheon family through the many generations of the family that inherit it. A classic moral tale "The House of the Seven Gables" is the story of how the wrong doings of one generation follows through to its success...

Cover of The Forbidden

The Forbidden by F. R. Tallis

Published 7 June 2012


When ambitious Doctor Paul Clement takes a job at the mission hospital on Saint Sebastien, he has dreams of discovering cures for tropical diseases. What he finds is a place where the black arts are just a way of life. After witnessing the ritualistic murder of a young man, said to be one of the living dead, he is forbidden to speak of what he has seen. On returning to Paris, Clement's attention turns to studying the nervous system and resuscitation. He is told of patients who have apparently...

Cover of Damned Rite

Damned Rite by Janine-Langley Wood

Published 19 December 2014


Cover of The House on Durrow Street

“A charming and mannered fantasy confection with a darker core of gothic romance” is how New York Times bestselling author Robin Hobb described Galen Beckett’s marvelous series opener, The Magicians and Mrs. Quent. Now Beckett returns to this world of dazzling magick and refined manners, where one extraordinary woman’s choice will put the fate of a nation—and all she cherishes—into precarious balance.   Her courage saved the country of Altania and earned the love of a hero of the realm. Now sens...

Cover of Soukaina

Soukaina by Dibich Hassan Dibich

Published 24 February 2010