Cover of The Phantom Bargain

The Phantom Bargain by Kayes Sarker

Published 26 September 2019


Cover of Varuna

Varuna by Patricia Sohn

Published 18 October 2020


Cover of Songs For The Cold Of Heart

Songs For The Cold Of Heart by Eric Dupont

Published 30 July 2018


Nuns that appear out of thin air, a dinner party at the Goebbels', Quebec's very own Margaret Thatcher, a grandma that just won't die (not until the archangel comes back)...Songs For The Cold Of Heart is a yarn to rival the best of them, a big fat whopper of a tall tale that bounces around from provincial Riviere-du-Loup in 1919 to Nagasaki, 1990s Berlin, Rome, and beyond. This is the novel of a century-long and glorious, stuffed full of parallels, repeating motifs, and unforgettable characters-...

Cover of Hercules Serpent's Shadow

A sea monster is terrifying the village of Themon. Hercules goes to help the villagers, but he finds more danger than he had expected, for his old enemy, the goddess Hera, wants to kill Hercules. Can he defeat her in time? "Penguin Readers" is a series of simplified novels, film novelizations and original titles that introduce students at all levels to the pleasures of reading in English. Originally designed for teaching English as a foreign language, the series' combination of high interest lev...

Cover of The Oar of Odysseus

The Oar of Odysseus by Richard M. Bank

Published 1 April 2021


Penelope Bauer sips on a margarita, celebrating her acceptance into the graduate Classics program at Boston University, unaware that she will soon become the central player in a bold scheme to save Western Civilization from itself. Of course, like any intelligent young woman in the dark days of 2018, she sees the symptoms of decay all around her, and the waning of the original values of ancient Greece. The good life for most Americans has become synonymous with the individual drive for wealth an...

Cover of Witches Protection Program

Wes Rockville, a disgraced law enforcement agent, is given one last chance to prove himself and save his career when he's reassigned to a 232 year old secret government organization. The Witches Protection Program. His first assignment: uncover a billion-dollar Cosmetics company's diabolical plan of using witchcraft for global domination, while protecting its heiress Morgan Pendragon from her aunt's evil deeds. Reluctantly paired with veteran witch protector, Alastair Verne, Wes must learn to be...

Cover of Raphael 1

Raphael 1 (Saga Raphael, #1) by R J P Toreille

Published 14 September 2018


Cover of Angeles de Granito

Angeles de Granito by Esteban Navarro

Published 1 July 2016


Cover of The Ingathering

The Ingathering by Stephanie Langson

Published 1 November 2019


Cover of Compartments

Compartments by Zoran Zivkovic

Published 1 April 2010


Cover of Lost Echo

Lost Echo (Whispers, #2) by Paul Haston

Published 26 February 2016