Cover of Steel Patriots

Steel Patriots by Davied E Kelley Jr

Published 27 June 2016


Cover of Dark Zone

"The brutal murder of an undercover agent reveals a plot to incite a full-fledged war between Russia and Ukraine" -- Back cover.

Cover of The Boy Commandos

The Boy Commandos by Joe Simon

Published 25 February 2011


One of the most popular of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's kid gangA" comics from the early 1940s, The Boy Commandos were an international team of boy soldiers dedicated to fighting the Ratzis.A" The team included members from England, France, the Netherlands and the United States, under the leadership of Captain Rip Carter.

Cover of Last Battle

Last Battle by Johnathan Cross

Published 28 April 2010


Cover of 2016

2016 by Charles Bennett

Published 5 August 2016


Cover of Remember the Raisin

Remember the Raisin by Michael Aye

Published 1 July 2013


Cover of Armistice

"Set in an alternate 1950s in which General MacArthur ignites a nuclear war that nearly destroys the planet. The third and final installment in the series that began with Bombs Away and continued with Fallout"--

Cover of Killing Sharks

Killing Sharks by Eric Wentz

Published 28 May 2013


Cover of Assault by Fire

“A must read!” —Mark Greaney, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author   In the thrilling tradition of Red Dawn and The Dirty Dozen, this action-packed page-turner from Lt. Col. Hunter Ripley “Rip” Rawlings IV brings together insider military expertise with riveting suspense as special ops fighters must foil a surprise attack on American soil in a daring novel fans of Brad Thor and Tom Clancy will love!   ASSAULT BY SEA U.S. Marine Tyce Asher knew his fighting days were over when he lost his...

Cover of Echoes

Echoes by Larry Wills

Published 21 September 2005


Cover of Murder On The Wind

Murder On The Wind by Ed Breeding

Published 10 July 2019


Cover of Thomas

Thomas by Mike Welham

Published 10 October 2014


Cover of How Can You Mend This Purple Heart

Winner of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation's James Webb Award for distinguished fiction In this riveting first novel, author T. L. Gould draws on his experiences in a military hospital with severely wounded Marines recovering from the Vietnam War. He has created a plain-truth, no-holds-barred narrative, stark in its simplicity, detail, and humor. From dressing changes and morphine drips to off-site forays under a fence and into neighborhood bars and brothels, Gould chronicles the precipito...

Cover of Isis Defeated

Isis Defeated by R R Wright

Published 8 December 2015


Cover of Canadians in a Far Country

Canadians in a Far Country by Terry Leeder

Published 1 January 1979