Cover of The Psychology of Nations

The Psychology of Nations by G E Partridge

Published 1 August 2007


Cover of Tsen Su and the 490th

Tsen Su and the 490th by Ivo R Greenwell

Published 27 October 2005


Cover of Sink the Bismarck

Sink the Bismarck by Duncan Harding

Published 22 December 2000


Cover of The Boy and the Battleship

The Boy and the Battleship by C. R. Cummings

Published 1 February 2014


For twelve - year - old battleship hobbyist, Graham Kirk, opportunities like this don't come along every day. He jumps at the chance to fulfil his dream of becoming a sailor like his father and enlists as a navy cadet. But he has discovered girls and is torn between doing what's right and doing what's forbidden. When at a party, Graham overhears a terrorist plot to sink a US navy destroyer as it sails into Cairns harbour. But who should he tell when his superiors don't trust him? And what role d...

Cover of Legends of the Lost Lilies

The final and thrilling conclusion to the popular and bestselling Miss Lily series A mysterious telegram that says, 'Lily needs you' arrives just before a plane from war-ravaged England lands in one of Sophie Greenman's paddocks. Sophie, Countess of Shillings, has been living a quiet life on her property in Australia, until love and loyalty draw her back to England where she once trained to become one of Miss Lily's 'Lovely Ladies'. Now, in 1942, Shillings Hall trains women to become espionage...

Cover of Lion in the Evening

Lion in the Evening by Alan Scholefield

Published 11 February 1974


Cover of The Three Meter Zone

The Three Meter Zone by J. D. Pendry

Published 30 June 1999


A pocket-sized guide to being a good leader, for non-commissioned officers (NCOs). Discusses US Army values in 'user-friendly' terms, from the perspective of a former member of the NCO core. Introduces three different types of leadership styles for 3-meter, 50-meter, and 100-meter soldiers. Praise for The Three Meter Zone “I have read plenty of leadership books and find this one to be the most realistic . . . This book is down to earth, with plenty of scenarios, quotations and situations that...

Cover of Battle Born

Battle Born by Maximilian Uriarte

Published 30 July 2020


Lapis Lazuli is a rich blue semi-precious gemstone found deep within the Saresang Mountains of Afghanistan's Badakhshan province. For thousands of years, the people of Badakhshan have lived peacefully, seemingly untouched by time itself. However, in recent years, war has found its way into these remote villages, as the Taliban have sought the riches buried within the mountains of Badakhshan. This extremist group of Taliban fighters, known to the locals as the Horsemen, have recently taken contro...

Cover of Cameron Comes Through

Cameron Comes Through by Philip McCutchan

Published 28 August 1980


Cover of A Sister's Song

Her duty is to keep smiling through... When World War II breaks out, Suzanne's dream of attending the Royal Academy of Music crumbles. Determined to do her bit, she joins a swing band that entertains troops in some of the worst-hit cities of Europe. Through singing, Suzanne finds a confidence she never knew she had, and she soon wins the admiration of Britain's brave servicemen. But her heart already belongs to a Navy officer who is serving out at sea. The...

Cover of Heidi

Heidi (Heidi, #1) by Johanna Spyri

Published 1 January 1900


Orphaned Heidi lives with her gruff but caring grandfather on the side of Swiss mountain, where she befriends young Peter the goat-herd. She leads an idyllic life, until she is forced to leave the mountain she has always known to go and live with a sickly girl in the city. Will Heidi ever see her grandfather again? A classic tale of a young girl's coming-of-age, of friendship, and familial love, Heidi has inspired countless dramatic versions, both on TV and in film, including Shirley Temple's fa...

Cover of Saving Washington

Saving Washington by Chris Formant

Published 21 February 2019


Saving Washington Film Rights Optioned by Producer of HBO's Big Little Lies The lost story of "America's 400 Spartans"-an army of unexpected heroes who changed the course of history. On a marshy Brooklyn battlefield on August 27, 1776, four hundred men from Baltimore, Maryland assembled to do battle against a vastly superior British army. Seemingly overnight, these young soldiers had matured from naive teenagers to perhaps the most important, yet most forgotten, citizen soldiers in all of Am...

Cover of A Mad and Wonderful Thing

'You wouldn't get involved, Johnny, would you? What about those terrible bombs? You wouldn't do a bad thing, would you?' In this passionate and heart-wrenching debut novel by Irish writer Mark Mulholland, we meet Johnny Donnelly - an intense young man who is in love with books, with his country, and with the beautiful Cora Flannery. But in his dark and secret other life he shoots British soldiers: he is an IRA sniper. How can this be? As his two worlds inevitably move towards a dramatic collisi...

Cover of Gordon Craig

Gordon Craig by Randall Parrish

Published 27 March 2006


Cover of Whispers of Death

Whispers of Death by Forrest W Howell

Published 2 January 2003


Cover of Let Us Fight it Out

Let Us Fight it Out by C L Gray

Published 17 November 2010