Cover of Sisters

Sisters by Kathleen Norris

Published 1 January 1999


Cover of The Deer & the Cauldron

The Deer & the Cauldron by Louis Cha

Published 12 February 1998


This is the first of a three-volume picaresque historical romance by China's best-loved author. It tells the story of Trinket, an irreverent and comic anti-hero, and his adventures through China over more than twenty years at the beginning of the Qing dynasty. The story spans vast territories, from desert islands to northern ice fields, from Peking and the Imperial Court to the sacred mountain of Wu-tai-shan to the legendary Shaolin Temple to the boudoir of Princess Sophia. Rich in plot and hist...

Cover of Best-Kept Secrets

Welcome to Mystery Junction-where danger and desire are just around the corner! He was a man of secrets, and enigmatic newcomer Jake Collins had the whole town talking.Yet one woman knew who he really was. He'd been Amy Thomas's first and only love, and he'd vanished from her life without a trace. But the ex-Navy officer had left her with one precious secret of her own...their daughter. Now, when the time had finally arrived to reveal the truth, Amy fo...

Cover of Accepting His Terms

Accepting His Terms by Isabella Kole

Published 5 May 2014


Cover of Vanity

Vanity by Kevin

Published 5 April 2021


Cover of La Boheme

La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini

Published 31 December 2009


These Opera Guides are ideal com-panions to the opera. They provide stimulating introductory articles together with the complete text of each opera in English and the original. Italian opera expert William Ashbrook asks why this love story attracted new audiences to the opera house when it was first performed, and what gives this 'tragedy of fragile sentiment' such an enduring appeal. Neither subject nor score is conventional, yet the sound picture is bound together with a quickness and lightne...

Cover of Mayse's Cowboy

Mayse's Cowboy by Cissy Hassell

Published 30 May 2006


Cover of The Unfinished Ballad

The Unfinished Ballad by Lynn Perry

Published 31 January 2013


Cover of Canyon Creek Wolves

Canyon Creek Wolves by Marisa Chenery

Published 13 November 2016


Cover of Windhavens Destiny

Windhavens Destiny by Marie Dejourlet

Published 1 August 1983


Cover of You're (Not) the One

You're (Not) the One by Alexandra Potter

Published 1 November 2011


Most women dream of finding the love of their life. Lucy just wants to lose him... Venice, one of the world's most romantic cities, lives by the legend of the bridge of sighs: When a woman kisses the man of her dreams under the bridge at sunset, she will be together with him forever. So eighteen-year-old Lucy seals her fate in the blush of first love with Nate. Yet ten years later, the pair has completely lost contact-until the day Lucy arrives at Nate's luxury Manhattan apartment with pa...

Cover of The Magic Of Christmas

The Magic Of Christmas by Sarah Morgan

Published 7 September 2007


A mummy...just in time for Christmas? Beautiful, bubbly nurse Lara King just can't resist a little girl's Christmas wish-for her daddy to be happy-so she steps in as the sexy A&E consultant's new live-in nanny! Christian Blake lost his faith in love a long time ago, but now, as Lara fills his house with warmth and sparkle, he realises that she's his once-in-a-lifetime chance for happiness. As the first snowflakes start to fall he can only hop...

Cover of Silhouette Summer Sizzlers

Silhouette Summer Sizzlers

Published 12 June 1992


Cover of Counselor

Counselor by Ann Aschauer

Published 28 January 2003