Cover of The Timaeus

Timaeus is one of Plato's dialogues, mostly in the form of a long monologue given by the titular character, written circa 360 BC. The work puts forward speculation on the nature of the physical world and human beings. It is followed by the dialogue Critias. Speakers of the dialogue are Socrates, Timaeus of Locri, Hermocrates, and Critias. Some scholars believe that it is not the Critias of the Thirty Tyrants who is appearing in this dialogue, but his grandfather, who is also named Critias.

Cover of The Island of Dr

The Island of Dr by H.G. Wells

Published 29 February 2012


Cover of Little Thumb

Little Thumb by Charles Perrault

Published 7 May 2015


Cover of Blaze of Noon

Blaze of Noon by Rayner Heppenstall

Published 31 December 1968


Written in subtle, elegant prose, this rediscovered classic, first published in 1939, addresses issues of psychology and perception, while pioneering avant-garde narrative techniquesWhen the blind narrator, the masseur Louis Dunkel, moves into the Cornwall country house of his patient Mrs. Nance, he becomes fascinated by her niece Sophie, a haughty young woman. Their resulting romance, however, is unsettled by the arrival of the blind, deaf, and dumb Amity Nance. The introspective Dunkel tries t...

Cover of Prophecies

Found in the Codex Atlanticus of Leonardo da Vinci's writings and drawings, 'The Prophecies' are a collection of enigmatic divinatory pronouncements, some punning and playful, others dire and ominous. While the author's intentions behind these utterances are unclear, they clearly attest to the artist's fevered and troubled imagination and offer a glimpse into a world very similar to that depicted in his lost painting The Battle of Anghiari. This volume also contains a further selection of Leon...

Cover of The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds

Published 23 October 2020


Cover of Georges (French)

Georges (French) by Alexandre Dumas

Published 8 July 2013


Cover of Shooting Party

Shooting Party by Isabel Colegate

Published 1 July 1982


It is 1913 - just prior to England's entry into World War I - and Edwardian England is about to vanish into history. A group of men and women gather at Sir Randolph Nettleby's estate for a shooting party. Opulent, adulterous, moving assuredly through the rituals of eating and slaughter, they are a dazzlingly obtuse and brilliantly decorative finale of an era.

Cover of The Essences

The Essences by Daniel a Reyes

Published 23 May 2016


Cover of Flaxborough Mystery: The Flaxborough Crab (Book 6)

What strange passions seethe beneath the prosperous surface of Flaxborough town? Affable but diligent Detective Inspector Purbright is tasked with uncovering the darker underbelly of greed, corruption and crime. A classic British series of police mysteries, laced with wry humour. "Watson has an unforgivably sharp eye for the ridiculous." - New York Times "Flaxborough is Colin Watson's quiet English town whose outward respectability masks a seething pottage of greed, crime and vice ... Mr Wats...