Cover of Damiano

Set against the turbulent backdrop of the Italian Renaissance, this alternate history takes place in a world where real faith-based magic exists. Our hero is Damiano Dalstrego. He is a wizard's son, an alchemist, and the heir to dark magics. But he is also an innocent, a young scholar and musician befriended by the Archangel Raphael, who instructs him in the lute. To save his beloved city from war, Damiano leaves his cloistered life and sets out on a pilgrimage, seeking the aid of the powerful s...

Cover of Arminius

Arminius by William Walling

Published 31 August 2011


Cover of Our Bucket List Adventures

Our Bucket List Adventures by Mpp Notebooks

Published 3 January 2019


Cover of Creation

Cyrus, a fifth century Persian, relates the story of his travels and encounters as an ambassador.

Cover of Famous Men Who Never Lived

Famous Men Who Never Lived by K Chess

Published 5 March 2019


Cover of Let Us Fight it Out

Let Us Fight it Out by C L Gray

Published 17 November 2010


Cover of For My Daughters

For My Daughters by Barbara Delinsky

Published 1 June 1994


Cover of Holding Heaven

Holding Heaven by Jerry B. Jenkins

Published 1 October 2005


"Story told in novella format between a father and son, Joseph and Christ, of what has happened and what is to come"--Provided by publisher.

Cover of Quad World

Quad World by Robert Metzger

Published 1 December 1999


Cover of Jackal

Jackal by J E Gallay

Published 18 December 2017


Cover of Scourge of Byzantium

Scourge of Byzantium by James Mullins

Published 24 February 2016


Cover of The Protector's War

The Protector's War by S Stirling

Published 5 September 2006


Cover of Hang John Brown

Hang John Brown by Donald Mann

Published 21 February 2014