Cover of Circle Of Seven

Circle Of Seven by Juanita Tischendorf

Published 13 August 2019


Cover of Broken Promise

Broken Promise (Beyond, #1) by Andrea Smith

Published 9 November 2018


Cover of Ghost Village

Ghost Village by Vaneeta Vaid

Published 1 December 2012


Cover of Phantasmogoria

Phantasmogoria by EJM

Published 12 May 2003




Published 2 July 1999


Cover of Die Again Once More

Die Again Once More by Mark Nesbitt

Published 4 March 2019


Cover of Killing the Goose

Killing the Goose by D Michael Flanagan

Published 16 May 2019


Cover of The Monster Club

The Monster Club by R.Chetwynd- Hayes

Published 25 June 1992


Cover of Silence of the Soul

Silence of the Soul by Andrew Langley

Published 26 March 2018


Cover of Lo Que Habita Dentro/ What Lives Inside

Una novela de terror psicológico que te pondrá los pelos de punta. Octubre de 1987, San Petri (Costa de la Muerte). En la noche de brujas un grupo de niños entra en la antigua casa Camelle, un lugar abandonado del que se cuentan terribles leyendas. Pero la casa guarda un oscuro secreto y un pozo del que pende una bombilla que no debería haber funcionado. Uno, dos, tres, os atraparé... Las noches se convierten en una lucha por sobrevivir a las visiones, los arañazos en el armario y los sonidos...

Cover of Freaks, Frequencies, and Hand Signs: A Schizo Manifesto

How much do you know about Schizophrenia? Have you seen what goes on in the mind of a person afflicted with this disorder? There have been countless documentaries about the subject and articles written about the nature of this devastating illness. It is generally taboo to let those afflicted speak out for themselves. This book will give you an inside look into a schizophrenic mind. To read the words and feel the anguish, the pain and the suffering that goes on in their daily lives. The things...

Cover of The Silver Swan

The Silver Swan by Paul Newman

Published 19 July 2011


In the tradition of the Gothic tales of Wilde, Poe and Hoffman, the Silver Swan is the story of a hunter who seeks out a fabulous bird, hoping to make it the prize piece of his collection, but finds that he has to pay a terrifying price for his obsession.

Cover of Spirit Hunters

Spirit Hunters by Don Nagle

Published 3 July 2014


Cover of Spare No One

Spare No One by Zack Scott

Published 8 May 2018


Cover of London Ghost Stories

London Ghost Stories

Published 30 September 2013


Cover of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You're invited to the sickest party in Sunnydale. DJs will be mixing up some body - moving grooves, smart drinks will be available at the bar, and we'll be giving up a virgin sacrifice for the blood goddess. An old friend of Spike's is in town, and he's getting every teenager in Sunnydale to trip the light fantastic at some very special underground raves he has a plan that could mean big things for vampires everywhere, and Spike agrees to help him out. Now Buffy and the Scooby gang are going out...

Cover of An Unassigned Life

An Unassigned Life by Susan Wells Bennett

Published 17 February 2011


Cover of The Cemetery Cottage

The Cemetery Cottage by Valentine Heart

Published 28 August 2012


When finally sold The Cemetery Cottage could echo to the sound of people living and enjoying its quirky old world charm despite its location being next to a churchyard's burial ground. Moreover, what of the talk among the agents, they know nothing of this Beckett character. It seems the cottage carries such a commonly used name, due no doubt to its location, next to the graveyard. Well surely, it is nothing more than superstition and idle gossip about ghostly paranormal activity haunting the pl...