Cover of Splitting

Splitting (Weldon, Fay) by Fay Weldon

Published 24 April 1995


How many women can you fit into one body? A novel of split personalities. A marriage, its breakdown, and a perforated heroine: one woman, many faces, many personalities, and more emerging: a crumbling house, and the rooms of that house (which in our dreams are aspects of the self). Any more trauma and it's all over! Sir Edwin Rice has decided to divorce Lady Angelica, ex-rock star. She has behaved intolerably. He petitions the Court to set him free. Angelica fights back. She...

Cover of Heartland Storm

Heartland Storm by D K Graham

Published 5 November 2013


Cover of Crossing the River

Make no mistake: Martha Bragg Picket is a headstrong southern woman with a rebellious spirit, a characteristic her son Michael shares. Yet to see her after almost twenty years of marriage, it might no longer seem clear. A Yankee contractor's arrival in town catalyzes her dissatisfaction, leading her to turn her life upside down - unaware that her son will follow suit. Both heartfelt and shrewdly humorous, this widely acclaimed first novel from author Fenton Johnson is an affecting look at one wo...

Cover of Nose Down, Eyes Up

Nose Down, Eyes Up by Merrill Markoe

Published 30 December 2008


At forty-seven, Gil is the world’s oldest twenty-two-year-old man, living in relative contentment with his four dogs, including the alpha, Jimmy. When he stumbles upon Jimmy delivering lectures on canine manipulative techniques to the rest of the dogs in the neighborhood, Gil’s not particularly surprised, and his eyes light up with dollar signs. But their money-making venture has barely begun when chatty canine Jimmy realizes the shocking truth: He’s adopted. And not only is Gil not his real fat...

Cover of An Ocean Without a Shore

An Ocean Without a Shore by Scott Spencer

Published 16 June 2020


Cover of Catherina and the Incredible Stripy Pants

A story set to captivate the hearts and minds of small children, Catherina and the Incredible Stripy Pants is filled with rhyming language, colourful imagery and loveable characters. Addressing the contemporary themes of extending families and second marriages, this book playfully reminds children of the importance of families, and the love they give.

Cover of The Most Precious of Cargoes

Told in the gentle tone of a fable, Jean-Claude Grumberg's The Most Precious of Cargoes tells the moving story of a woman who wanted a child, and a child who needed a home.Once upon a time in an enormous forest, there lived a poor woodcutter and his wife.Around them a war wages, and hunger is a constant companion. Yet every night, the woodcutter's wife prays for a child.A Jewish father rides on a train holding twin babies. His wife no longer has enough milk to feed both children. In hopes of sav...

Cover of Whisked Away By Her Millionaire Boss / His Unexpected Twins

Whisked Away by her Millionaire Boss by Nina Milne Swept into his glamorous world...Will she fall for the tycoon? His Unexpected Twins by Carrie Nichols A temporary fling..Or a forever family Firefighter Liam McBride is back home for the summer, and Ellie Harding, his sister's friend is perfectly willing to shelve her dreams of a forever family while they hav...

Cover of Visible City

Visible City by Tova Mirvis

Published 1 January 2014


Cover of Oona Out of Order

Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore

Published 25 February 2020


A remarkably inventive novel that explores what it means to live a life fully in the moment, even if those moments are out of order.It’s New Year’s Eve 1982, and Oona Lockhart has her whole life before her. At the stroke of midnight she will turn nineteen, and the year ahead promises to be one of consequence. Should she go to London to study economics, or remain at home in Brooklyn to pursue her passion for music and be with her boyfriend? As the countdown to the New Year begins, Oona faints and...

Cover of The Flight

The Flight by Bryan Malessa

Published 5 March 2007


A powerful novel set at the end of World War II about one woman and her family's struggle for survival. The thrust of this epic novel occurs in the spring of 1945, during an event known in Germany as Die Flucht, or The Flight, when some 12 million Eastern European ethnic-Germans fled their ancestral homes to escape the advancing Soviet Army. 'The Flight' tells the story of Ida, a mother who attempts to take her children from their village in East Prussia to the assumed safety of Berlin. Travell...

Cover of Lavina

Lavina by Mary Marcus

Published 1 January 2015


Lavina traverses the near present, in the 1990's and the segregated South of the 1960's. It is the story of Mary Jacob, a children's book author who has virtually no memory of her early life. Billy Ray, Lavina's son and a musical genius, remembers all too well what happened to them on a hot August day in 1963 when their lives changed forever. When the two of them meet again in their hometown, it propels them back to their childhoods. In the second part of the novel, Lavina herself speaks. She is...

Cover of Where There's a Will

Where There's a Will by Matt Beaumont

Published 18 December 2006


From the author of the cult bestseller 'e', comes a novel of good intentions, mistaken motives and one piece of stupendous good luck - which looks as if it will ruin everything. Alvin is a good man. He works with dysfunctional teenagers, and where everyone else sees apprentice career criminals, he sees hope. No-one has ever taught him to accentuate the positive; his mind is simply built that way. He adores his family: Karen and the children are the centre of his world. So whe...

Cover of The Twin

When his twin brother dies in a car accident, Helmer is obliged to return to the small family farm. He resigns himself to taking over his brother's role and spending the rest of his days 'with his head under a cow'. After his old, worn-out father has been transferred upstairs, Helmer sets about furnishing the rest of the house according to his own minimal preferences. 'A double bed and a duvet', advises Ada, who lives next door, with a sly look. Then Riet appears, the woman once engaged to marry...

Cover of Alba Nuova

Alba Nuova

Published 5 June 2017


Cover of The Wildling Sisters

The Wildling Sisters by Eve Chase

Published 25 July 2017


"When fifteen-year-old Margot and her three sisters arrive at Applecote Manor in June 1959, they expect a quiet English country summer. Instead, they find their aunt and uncle still reeling from the disappearance of their daughter, Audrey, five years before. As the sisters become divided by new tensions when two handsome neighbors drop by, Margot finds herself inexplicably drawn into the life Audrey left behind. When the summer takes a deadly turn, the girls must unite behind an unthinkable choi...

Cover of When We Were Happy

When We Were Happy by Jeffrey Kinghorn

Published 1 January 2011