Cover of The Banjo and the Swan

The Banjo and the Swan by Anda Hou

Published 12 August 2019


Cover of Ambrosia

Ambrosia by Ann Benson

Published 12 November 2019


Cover of Diary of a Dead Man

Diary of a Dead Man by David S Listzwan

Published 6 April 2015


Cover of The Man Who No One Loved

The Man Who No One Loved by Phaedra Moon

Published 20 October 2020


Cover of A Caravan from Hindustan

A Caravan from Hindustan by James Moseley

Published 1 February 2006


Cover of Charlie vs the Gods

Charlie vs the Gods by Blake Patterson

Published 27 March 2017


Cover of The Magical Isles Trilogy

The Magical Isles Trilogy by Edwin Page

Published 30 April 2015


Cover of Pestgold

Pestgold by Jutta Ahrens

Published 15 December 2014


Cover of Danische Volksmarchen

Danische Volksmarchen by Svend Grundtvig

Published 19 May 2013


Cover of Der Jungbrunnen

Der Jungbrunnen by Paul Heyse

Published 12 February 2010


Cover of Fairy Tales for the Disillusioned

A new collection of subversive French fairy talesThe wolf is tricked by Red Riding Hood into strangling her grandmother and is subsequently arrested. Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella do not live happily ever after. And the fairies are saucy, angry, and capricious. Fairy Tales for the Disillusioned collects thirty-six tales, most newly translated, by writers associated with the decadent literary movement that flourished in late nineteenth-century France. These enchanting yet troubling stories refle...

Cover of Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology by Xena Ronin

Published 21 February 2020


Cover of Windows of Wonder

Windows of Wonder by Bob Weatherly

Published 25 March 2013


Cover of The Irish Fairy Tale

The Irish Fairy Tale by Vito Carrassi

Published 1 January 2012


Beginning with a critical reappraisal of the notion of "fairy tale" and extending it to include categories and genres which are in common usage in folklore and in literary studies, this book throws light on the general processes involved in storytelling. It illuminates the fundamental ways in which a culture is formed, while highlighting important features of the Irish narrative tradition, in all its wealth and variety and in its connections with the mythical and historical events of Ireland. Th...