Cover of A Visible Darkness

Hanno Stiffeniis, the magistrate from the gripping thrillers "Critique of Criminal Reason" and "Days of Atonement", is called to Prussia's Baltic coast, where the naked, mutilated body of a young woman has been found by the shore. This is an area rich in amber, harvested - mainly by women - to be transformed into priceless jewellery. The occupying French army has taken over this lucrative trade to finance the battle against the Russian invasion, but as more women are killed, they suspect the Pru...

Cover of The Turn of the Screw

The Turn of the Screw

Published 12 February 2021


Cover of Bread, Blood, & Roses

Bread, Blood, & Roses by J R Masterson

Published 19 August 2013


Cover of 3am

3am by Kylie Painter

Published 3 March 2018


Cover of Ebon Knights

Ebon Knights by J D Kammerer Jr

Published 6 June 2016


Cover of Nevermore

Nevermore by William Hjortsberg

Published 1 October 1994


The year is 1923 and a maniac is leaving a trail of corpses across New York. It isn't long before ace crime reporter Damon Runyan begins to see a strange pattern emerging from these apparently random stayings - each murder uncannily recreates an Edgar Allan Poe short story.

Cover of Witching Hour

Witching Hour by A I Nasser

Published 16 October 2017


Cover of The Basement

The Basement by Tom Clarke

Published 4 February 2016


Cover of A Tangled Web of Love

A Tangled Web of Love by Elsabe Smit

Published 4 December 2017