Cover of Starvation Camp

Starvation Camp by Bill Prozini

Published 2 March 2003


Cover of Kingdom of the Hollow, The Story of the Hatfields and McCoys

Imagine a story of an epic dispute, which has become a part of our American Mythology. Kingdom of the Hollow, the Story of the Hatfield's and McCoys is the incredible tale of the most famous feud in our nation's history. It is a story of jealousy, murder, vengeance and unrequited love that is rich with vivid historical characters in a post Civil War setting.

Cover of The Fair Vision

The author takes the American frontier story back to its roots. The Pilgrims who travelled on the Mayflower had to draw up a code for governing their colony, in order to live as a peaceful and free community, and to make peace with the warring Indian nations if they wanted their colony to survive.

Cover of Palo Duro Shootout

Palo Duro Shootout by Kent Conwell

Published 1 August 2005


Cover of Black Knife

Black Knife by Henry P. Gravelle

Published 3 June 2014


Cover of Tales from the Old West, Vol. 1

Tales from the Old West, Vol. 1 by Zane Grey

Published 1 January 2006


Cover of El Perdido The Lost One

El Perdido The Lost One by R. G. McCowan

Published 7 February 2009


Cover of The Sacking of El Dorado

The Sacking of El Dorado by Max Brand

Published 25 June 1998


Cover of Devil's Ford

Devil's Ford by Robert Kammen

Published 1 June 1987


Cover of Kat O'Day - Pioneer Woman

Kat O'Day - Pioneer Woman by Ann Ahnemann

Published 1 February 2015


Cover of Honour The Star

Honour The Star by Keith Gardner

Published 27 October 2014