Cover of Majesty

Majesty by Bill Wilson

Published 5 October 2010


Cover of Rake for Christmas

Rake for Christmas by Ann Lethbridge

Published 1 January 2011


England, 1813 After years of struggling against her wicked desires, Lady Eugenie Hardwick is being driven wild by the sounds of unrestrained passion coming from her neighbor's bedroom. The thought of Lord Richard Townsend, a notorious rake, sets her body quivering with need-even though she's never yet seen his face. When they finally meet in person on Christmas Eve, it only takes one masterful kiss to unleash Eugenie's inner temptress for a night of pl...

Cover of Sweet Age Before Reason

Sweet Age Before Reason by Patricia Brown

Published 19 November 2010


Cover of Color of Revolution

Color of Revolution by M J Politis, PH.D.

Published 1 March 2007


Cover of Lo Que Esconden Las Olas

Lo Que Esconden Las Olas by Emma Lira

Published 15 September 2015


Cover of The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson

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Cover of The Peddler's Trade

The Peddler's Trade by Edward Harper

Published 4 September 2006


Cover of La Dame de Cour

La Dame de Cour by Ruth Langan

Published 1 April 2013


Cover of Nathan Stark, Army Scout

In this blazing new series, William W. and J.A. Johnstone tell the tale of a man who became a myth--and a myth that became a legend. This is the epic story of Nathan Stark, Army Scout... They slaughtered his family. Killed his young bride. And ever since that tragic day, Nathan Stark has devoted his life to fighting the hostile tribes who massacred those he loved. As a civilian scout for the Army, he's served with such famous commanders as Custer and Crook. He's battled against such notorious w...

Cover of The Eyes of Winter

The Eyes of Winter by Glory Ann Monson

Published 18 September 2019


Cover of Three Hills Home

Three Hills Home by Alfred Silver

Published 1 January 2002


Cover of Time Shall Reap

Time Shall Reap by Doris Davidson

Published 5 April 1993


It is 1915, and Elspeth Gray is young, unmarried, heavily pregnant and destitute in a strange city. Having no one else to turn to, she throws herself on the mercy of a compassionate woman she once met briefly on a train. Helen Watson and her husband, themselves expecting a baby, gladly give the desperate girl a home. After Elspeth's son is born, however, Helen tragically loses her own child, and in her traumatised state transposes the two births in her mind. With the neighbours also believing th...

Cover of An Embarrassment of Riches

An Embarrassment of Riches by James Kunstler

Published 1 January 2011