Cover of Temporary Girlfriend

Should his every wish be her command? What choice did Elyss have but to put up with Saul Pendleton calling the shots? Because of a series of dreadful mistakes, she owed him a whole lot of money and hadn't a hope of being able to pay him back. However, if she signed up with Saul's personal loan scheme and became his date for every social occasion, then all her troubles would be solved. Or would they? It soon became apparent that Saul expected interest o...

Cover of Bridesmaid Says, "i Do!"

Bridesmaid's To-Do List: a) Smile and pretend to love your hideous dress b) Be patient as your best friend turns into Bridezilla c) Do not fall for the groom! Thrilled to be Bella's bridesmaid, Zoe throws herself into her duties. But meeting the groom himself, stop-and-stare-sexy farmer Kent Rigby, ruins everything... What happens when you find the man of your dreams and he belongs to someone else?

Cover of Imperfect Lives

Imperfect Lives by Maurizio Marotta and Richard C Davis

Published 11 September 2018


Cover of Black Taj

Black Taj by Mohini Kent

Published 31 March 2016


A tale of the cruelties that took place during the 1947 partition of India, "Black Taj" is a tragic story about young love s struggle to cross the Indian caste divide. An only child, Simi grows up comfortably in the city of Atmapuri enjoying certainty in her future ahead. Then, unexpectedly, everything changes. Her city, overtaken by the riots that have periodically gripped India since Britain s abrupt withdrawal, is threatening to fall apart along the lines of religion, caste, and community. S...

Cover of Percy

Percy by Hannah More

Published 15 May 2015


Cover of A Time to Die

Life in Taviscombe, Devon, ambles along at its own pace. Sheila Malory is being kept busy by her relations, particularly her god-daughter and granddaughter who have gone horse-mad at the local stables. Run by glamorous couple Jo and Charlie Hamilton, she a former leading lady and he, a once Olympic standard equestrian, the stables seems to be a fine business - but is all as it seems? When a series of tragic 'accidents' cast a shadow over the stables and the town Sheila, never backward in coming...

Cover of Last Caress

Last Caress by Dianna Booher and D Booher

Published 31 December 1980


Cover of Sonar los Suenos

Sonar los Suenos by Laura Isabel de la Mar

Published 25 February 2020


Cover of Molly Make-Believe

Molly Make-Believe

Published 1 November 2010


Cover of An Uncomfortable Life

An Uncomfortable Life by Nicholas Trandahl

Published 10 October 2014


Cover of Back Where She Belongs

As the black sheep of her family, Tara Wharton has done her best to stay away. That is until a car accident has a tragic impact on her family. Now she's back in town and looking for answers. And her quest reunites her with Dylan Ryland, her high school sweetheart. Dylan is just as gorgeous now as he was then. She's so tempted to resurrect what they had, but the issues that drove them apart haven't gone away--especially the animosity between their families. Yet Dylan seems determined to get past...

Cover of Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect by Crystal Green released on Nov 29, 2005 is available now for purchase.

Cover of Groves of Academe

Henry Mulcahy, a literature instructor at progressive Jocelyn College, is informed that his appointment will not be continued. Convinced he is disliked by the president of Jocelyn because of his abilities as a teacher and his independence of mass opinion, Mulcahy believes he is being made the victim of a witch-hunt. Plotting vengeance, Mulcahy battles to fight for justice and, in the process, reveals his true ethical nature.

Cover of Cardinal and Other Stories

Cardinal and Other Stories by Alex Higley

Published 1 February 2017


Cover of John Delavoy (1898)

John Delavoy (1898) by Henry James

Published 14 December 2012


Cover of Across Death Valley

Across Death Valley by Mary Barmeyer O'Brien

Published 1 January 2009


Cover of Once We Had a Country

Once We Had a Country by Robert McGill

Published 6 August 2013


It's the summer of 1972. Maggie, a young schoolteacher, leaves the United States to settle with her boyfriend, Fletcher, on a farm near Niagara Falls. They've made the journey to keep him out of the draft, but they also have loftier plans - to start a commune and work the land. As the summer passes, Maggie is haunted by the lack of word from her father, a missionary in the war-torn jungles of Laos. Then the US government announces the end of the draft, and Fletcher faces pressure from his family...