Shadows of Self: A Mistborn Novel (Mistborn: Wax and Wayne, #2) (Cosmere Universe) (Mistborn, #5)

by Brandon Sanderson

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Book cover for Shadows of Self

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Fans of Robert Jordan and George RR Martin alike have found a new champion of epic fantasy in Brandon Sanderson. And now, in the first of two sequels to The Alloy Of Law the Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author returns to the world of Mistborn anda hunt for a mysterious assassin.

The criminal elite of Elendel were invited to an auction - which became a massacre, when an unknown assailant slaughtered everyone in attendance. Now Wax and Wayne, both able to use magic, both lawmen from the rough and ungoverned frontier territories, are on the case. All the clues suggest the killer is a rogue kandra - a secretive, almost mythical, figure who acts from the shadows - called Bleeder . . . and that the governor is her next target. Bleeder, and the conspiracy behind the killings, has to be stopped . . . before the city is plunged into chaos.

A brilliant adventure and a gripping story, Shadows of Self offers fans of The Alloy of Law everything they've been hoping for and, this being a Brandon Sanderson book, more, much more.

  • ISBN10 0765378558
  • ISBN13 9780765378552
  • Publish Date 6 October 2015
  • Publish Status Active
  • Imprint Tor Books
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 384
  • Language English