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The Ex Hex

The Ex Hex (The Ex Hex, #1) by Erin Sterling

Finished on 2021-12-30
4 of 5 stars
In Love & Pajamas

In Love & Pajamas by Catana Chetwynd

Finished on 2021-12-26
Life in Jeneral

Life in Jeneral by Jen Robin

Finished on 2021-12-21
Duke, Actually

Duke, Actually by Jenny Holiday

Finished on 2021-12-20

Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker

Finished on 2021-12-16
So, This Is Christmas

So, This Is Christmas by Tracy Andreen

Finished on 2021-12-11
The Donut Trap

The Donut Trap by Julie Tieu

Finished on 2021-11-25
Thursday Is the New Friday

Thursday Is the New Friday by Joe Sanok

Finished on 2021-11-07
At Your Best

At Your Best by Carey Nieuwhof

Finished on 2021-11-02
The Sweetest Remedy

The Sweetest Remedy by Jane Igharo

Finished on 2021-10-24
A Life Less Throwaway

A Life Less Throwaway by Tara Button

Finished on 2021-10-15
The Secret History of Food

The Secret History of Food by Matt Siegel

Finished on 2021-10-15

Sugar by Kimberly Stuart

Finished on 2021-10-12
Reviewed 4 of 5 stars

Feelings by Manjit Thapp

Finished on 2021-10-08
Reviewed 4 of 5 stars
The Midnight Library

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Finished on 2021-09-28
4 of 5 stars
The Sum of Small Things

The Sum of Small Things by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

Finished on 2021-09-24