Cover of Aigelvoix

Aigelvoix by Leon Sandstone

Published 6 February 2020


Cover of Betrothed: A Faery Tale

Betrothed: A Faery Tale by Therese Woodson

Published 23 September 2015


Cover of Running with the Demon

In a sleepy steel-mill town, the ultimate battle between Good and Evil is about to begin . . . Sinnissippi Park, in Hopewell, Illinois, has long hidden a mysterious evil, locked away from humankind by powers greater than most could even imagine. But now the malevolent creatures that normally skulk in the shadows of the park grow bolder, and old secrets hint at a violent explosion. The brewing conflict draws John Ross to Hopewell. A Knight of the Word, Ross is plagued by nightmares that tell hi...

Cover of Allan Quatermain

The character Allan Quatermain is the hero of H. Rider Haggard's 1885 novel King Solomon's Mines. In this adventure novel named after him, Quatermain longs for a return to the wilderness after losing his son. He talks a number of companions into joining him and they journey inland from Africa's east coast, where they are attacked by Masai warriors.

Cover of Ashes of Life

Ashes of Life by Andrew Q Gordon

Published 31 July 2014


Cover of Staub und Schatten

Staub und Schatten by Nicole Reagan

Published 9 October 2019


Cover of Shadow and Shade

Shadow and Shade by C K Edwards

Published 13 May 2015


Cover of Credara

Credara (Credara, #1) by J E Henderson

Published 1 December 2012


Cover of The Hidden Rune of Iron

The Hidden Rune of Iron by Suzanne McLeod

Published 19 September 2013


The fifth and final novel in the Spellcrackers series, this is a brilliant and action-filled adventure that's packed with humour, magic, romance, and even a few revelations. You can also expect the cameo appearance of a few characters from Ben Aaronovitch's Peter Grant novels! THE HIDDEN RUNE OF IRON is a cracking end to a fantastic story.

Cover of Half-Hearts II

Half-Hearts II by Kealohilani Wallace

Published 14 May 2015


Cover of The Threat of Saint Flesh

The Threat of Saint Flesh by Jason J Sergi

Published 26 April 2012


Cover of War of Ashes

War of Ashes by Chad Westbrook

Published 28 August 2016


Cover of Lightbringer

Lightbringer by H Shane Alford and Cheri a Bernard-Alford

Published 2 December 2018