Cover of Parrot Pandemonium

"When animal lover Max sets up a pet-sitting business, he finds himself looking after some very unusual pets. Captain Bloom has asked Max to take care of his parrot, Squawk, on the Leaky Dip pirate ship. But when Squawk's gangplank trick goes wrong, scary rival pirate Becky Bones comes after them--and it's up to Max to save the day!"--Page 4 of cover.

Cover of Spikefin the Water King

Malvel has created another deadly Beast to stop Tom from saving the realm of Seraph! Spikefin is a vicious sea creature who drags his victims to a watery grave. Is this the end for Tom and his perilous Quest?

Cover of The Tales of Fluke and Tash - Robin Hood Adventure

There's no such thing as magic, right? I mean it doesn't really exist, does it? Parents will tell you magic is all make believe, but hey, what do they know, and what if they're wrong...? Meet Fluke, a rather daft and accident prone Dalmatian puppy, his trusty sidekick Tash, the family cat, and their small secret friends, the Nummers. Finding a dusty old suitcase hidden away in the wardrobe, they discover it has magical powers capable of time travel. 1194 in Sherwood Forest. Outlaws, an evil sh...

Cover of Cosmo and the Secret Spell

Cosmo and the Secret Spell by Gwyneth Rees

Published 3 October 2008


Cosmo the witch-cat is back, and he's got his paws full with his new brothers and sisters. Especially when the kittens accidentally fall under the kindly Frog-Witch's spell and are turned into frogs themselves. Luckily, the clever witch says she knows how to turn them back. But before the Frog-Witch can even wiggle her wand, she and all Cosmo's kitten brothers and sisters are kidnapped by a mysterious stranger with a sinister plan for the Witch's special frog spells. Can Cosmo come up with the p...

Cover of The Three Little Vampires

Early Readers are stepping stones from picture books to reading books. A blue Early Reader is perfect for sharing and reading together. A red Early Reader is the next step on your reading journey. Meet the Three Little Vampires, Verity, Vikki and Vaz! They're planning a SPOOKY Hallowe'en party - but will the villainous Count Bagel's tricks stop the fun? Can the clever Little Vampires save the night, and will everyone be able to have a good time after all?

Cover of Maximum Boy Starring in Superhero or Super Thief

Someone has frozen time in order to steal four of the world's most valuable treasures. And the thief is wearing a black mask like Maximum Boy, a silver cape like Maximum Boy, and a hat with his logo on it.

Cover of Love & Best Witches

Love & Best Witches by Maria Mann

Published 13 August 2010


Cover of Horse Rider Oddie

Horse Rider Oddie (Oddies S.) by Grant Slatter

Published 1 November 2004


Cover of Frankie the Goat Angel

Frankie the Goat Angel by Rose Evans

Published 18 May 2017


Cover of A Tale of Red Riding

WEREWOLVES & WITCHES & MONSTERS! OH MY! Red Riding Hood speeds into Wayward Woods on her motorcycle, hoping to find her granny and unlock the secrets of her forgotten past. She soon learns that she has magical werewolf super powers and must rise up to become the legendary Alpha Huntress. With bad-boy heartthrob Wolfgang Helheim by her side, Red will lead a squad of young heroes with magical powers of their own against an army of evil werewolves and mystical monsters of every kind.

Cover of Anna Fluffyfoot Goes for Gold

An enchanting series full of adorable animals, magic and friendship - from the creator of RAINBOW MAGIC, the UK's bestselling series for girls aged 5-7.In the magical land of Friendship Forest, the animals are getting ready for a sports day! But wicked Grizelda wants to spoil everyone's fun. Can best friends Lily and Jess help super-cute kitten Anna Fluffyfoot stop the witch's horrible plans, before the special day is ruined?

Cover of Warrior Princess, Volume 1

Warrior Princess, Volume 1 by Kris Ayers

Published 9 November 2017


Cover of Ord Eats A Pizza

Emmy, Zak, Cassie, Max, and Ord have very different ideas about how to make a pizza.

Cover of The Invisible Mix-Up

Part unicorn, part mermaid, and totally magical! Don't miss this exciting new chapter book series from the author of the popular Purrmaids series! Mermicorns Sirena and Lily are learning amazing magic at school. When they take a field trip to the library, they learn how to make things disappear! Sirena is excited to try some new spells. But turning invisible isn’t just fun . . . it’s dangerous! Especially when you don’t read all the rules first. Are the two friends ready for such powerful magic...

Cover of Story Tree

Story Tree by Mark Crilley

Published December 2003


Cover of Dragon Ball 9

Dragon Ball 9 by Akira Toriyama

Published March 2001


Cover of Zulok the Winged Spirit

Zulok the Winged Spirit (Beast Quest) by Adam Blade

Published 7 September 2017


Battle fearsome beasts and fight evil with Tom and Elenna in the bestselling adventure series for boys and girls aged 7 and up.When supernatural events start to occur in Avantia it can only mean one thing - something is afoot in the terrifying Isle of Ghosts, and the Dark Wizard Malvel is to blame. Tom and Elenna must travel to the Isle and first face eagle Ghost Beast Zulok.There are FOUR thrilling adventures to collect in this series - don't miss out! Zulok the Winged Spirit; Skalix the Snappi...