Cover of The Tree with No Branches

The Tree with No Branches

Published 1 January 2012


Cover of The Alem

The Alem (The Alem, #1) by C Q Cook

Published 26 April 2018


Cover of After Tomorrow

After Tomorrow by J. J. Richardson

Published 6 March 2013


Cover of The Age of Elves

The Age of Elves by K J B and Elina Marie

Published 6 September 2016


Cover of The Griever's Mark

The Griever's Mark by Katherine Hurley

Published 11 November 2014


Cover of Fairy Stories

Fairy Stories by Miles Kelly

Published 2 January 2017


Cover of Muezza and Baby Jaan

Muezza and Baby Jaan by Anita Nair

Published 2 May 2016


Cover of Pearl The Cloud Fairy

Get ready for an exciting fairy adventure with the no. 1 bestselling series for girls aged 5 and up. Jack Frost has promised not to trouble the Rainbow Fairies again, but he didn't say anything about the Weather Fairies! Now he has stolen the feathers from Doodle, the weather-vane cockerel in charge of the weather. It's up to Rachel and Kirsty to get each of the feathers back! 'These stories are magic; they turn children into readers!' Read all sev...

Cover of W.I.T.C.H.: Assorted Box Set of 4

W.I.T.C.H.: Assorted Box Set of 4 by Elizabeth Lenhard and Tk

Published 1 September 2004


Cover of The Elves of the Wild White Wolds

The Elves of the Wild White Wolds by Lee Clark

Published 6 November 2020


Cover of Runefly

Runefly (Rune, #2) by Macaulay C Hunter

Published 20 October 2012


Cover of Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies

Twelve-year-old Devin Dexter has a problem. Well, actually, many of them. His cousin, Tommy, sees conspiracies behind every corner. And Tommy thinks Devin's new neighbor, Herb, is a warlock . . . but nobody believes him. Even Devin's skeptical. But soon strange things start happening. Things like the hot new Christmas toy, the Cuddle Bunny, coming to life. That would be great, because, after all, who doesn't love a cute bunny? But these aren't the kind of bunnies you can cuddle with. These bunn...