Cover of Mythology

Enter a world of myth and magic. Follow the adventures of Mighty Aphrodite, Heroic Hercules and Awesome Apollo - super-heroes of long ago! Everything you need to know about anything to do with Mythology and great for project work.

Cover of Sand Castle

You live on the Hawaiian coast and are an expert sand castle builder. One night, a cry from inside your sand castle leads you to investigate its apparent enchantment.

Cover of The Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure

The three investigators take on two mysteries: the disappearance of an ancient jeweled Japanese belt from a museum exhibit and the strange antics of a group of gnomes around an elderly woman's house.

Cover of Bunnicula

THIS book is written by Harold. His full time occupation is dog. He lives with Mr. and Mrs. X (here called Monroe) and their sons Toby and Pete. Also sharing the home are a cat named Chester and a rabbit named Bunnicula. It is because of Bunnicula that Harold turned to writing. Someone had to tell the full story of what happened in the Monroe household after the rabbit arrived. It all began when the Monroes went to see the movie Dracula At the theater Toby found something on his seatNa baby rab...

Cover of Bunny Cakes

It's Grandma's birthday, and Max wants to make her an icky, worm-infested cake. But Ruby says, "No, Max. We are going to make Grandma an angel surprise cake, with raspberry-fluff icing." Will Max let his bossy older sister keep him out of the kitchen? Or will they both become bunnies who bake?

Cover of Baldwin's Big Adventure

Baldwin's Big Adventure by Annie Auerbach

Published 12 March 2019


Cover of The Message of Tales Never Told

The Message of Tales Never Told by Edwin Gilven

Published 2 June 2017


These delightful tales can be a sit around, a fun time, or even bedtime stories written in the spirit of traditional good values and morals we learn daily. I'll bring the hot chocolate; you read the book as we all sit around the fireplace. After all; every heart loves a good ol' fable or two. Put on your listening ears and enjoy edwin gilven's; The Message of Tales Never Told.

Cover of Sparkle Wherever You Go

Sparkle Wherever You Go by Rainbow Color Press

Published 29 September 2019


Cover of The Creepy Tale

Just the thought of the place made Tom's hair stand on end. Ever since the terrible murders all those years ago, the Manson house, huge, forbidding and very possibly haunted, had been cloaked in a shroud of mystery and evil.Tom knew he should have put his foot down at Laura's crazy plan, but he couldn't let his own twin sister think he was scared. Now they were going to the house, alone and at twilight. It was a good thing ghosts were just a figment of the imagination - or were they...?

Cover of John Stuyvesant Ancestor

John Stuyvesant Ancestor by Alvin Johnson

Published 15 November 2018


Cover of Auf Dem Weg, Suchend

Auf Dem Weg, Suchend by Peter Horn

Published 8 April 2009


Cover of Transcendence

Transcendence by Lisa Cochrane

Published 13 May 2016


Cover of The Story of Christmas

The Story of Christmas by Stephanie Jeffs

Published 1 August 1994


This is a stunning retelling of the story of the nativity in a classically and beautifully illustrated form. Hardback is perfect for the Christmas and gift market. This visually stunning retelling of the story of the birth of Jesus makes a perfect Christmas gift. Beautifully illustrated by John Haysom, it brings to life the dramatic events that happened over 2000 years ago. The visit of the angel Gabriel, the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, the message of the angels and the visit of the wise men -...

Cover of The Tailor of Gloucester

When the tailor becomes sick and cannot finish the waistcoat for the Mayor, the mice finish it for him.

Cover of Am I Really Inuk?

Am I Really Inuk? by Noah Noah

Published 7 April 2020