Cover of Hoy no juegas

Hoy no juegas by Pilar Serrano

Published 12 September 2019


Ana and her classmates are being bullied. Going to school used to be fun, but it's turned into a nightmare ever since Emma arrived. She's mean and bossy, and Ana is now the target of her bullying. Ana feels sick, she doesn't want to eat and she's now silent instead of her usual cheerful self. Preschool teacher and author Pilar Serrano tells a story of teamwork and bravery based on her personal experience with her students at school. A necessary book, and a tool to deal with bullying.

Cover of Colors Everywhere! (Bubble Guppies)

Boys and girls ages 1–4 will love learning about colors in this sturdy Bubble Guppies board book.

Cover of Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park by Tj Booth

Published 15 October 2017


Cover of Lines

Lines by Sarvinder Naberhaus

Published 22 August 2017


This beautifully illustrated board book shows readers how lines make up a whole: a whole square, house, town, city, and universe! Line, Lines Square, Squares Town Line, Lines Circle, Circles Go round Think beyond shapes. Beyond colors. Beyond letters and numbers. With poetic text and beautiful illustrations, this board book shows us how individual pieces make up a whole. And not just a whole house or a whole town, or a whole city, but a whole universe. This book celebrates both the simpl...

Cover of What's My Name? Jaya

What's My Name? Jaya by Tiina Walsh

Published 12 January 2019


Cover of Try! Try! Try!

Try! Try! Try! by Lindsey Craig

Published 6 April 2017


Cover of The Sleepover

Busy with school, sports and dance practices, best friends Ashley Sanchez (Ash) and Ashlee Taylor (Lee) haven't seen each other in two whole weeks! When they decide to host a sleepover party together to reunite, they each have big - and very different - ideas of how it should go. Can the two girls make their plans align in time to put on a fabulous sleepover party?

Cover of Don't Dawdle Dorothy

Don't Dawdle Dorothy by Margrit Cruickshank

Published 1 April 1999


Trailing home behind her mother, Dorothy closes her eyes and begins to dawdle. When she opens them, the figure in front changes shape -- into a Snow Queen with icicles for ogre as big as a barn...

Cover of My Mom Has X-Ray Vision

My Mom Has X-Ray Vision by Angela McAllister

Published 2 August 2010


Cover of Lonely Maria

Lonely Maria by Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth

Published 1 March 1962


Cover of I Am Hiding

I Am Hiding (Little Critter) by Mercer Mayer

Published 1 July 1995


What is Little Critter doing? He's running, he's looking, he's pushing, he's crawling, he's playing a game of hide-and-seek. Will his sister ever find him in his special hiding space?

Cover of Danny's Drawing Book

Danny's Drawing Book by Sue Heap

Published 1 October 2007


Danny loves drawing pictures in his yellow drawing book. One snowy day, when he and his friend Ettie go to the zoo, Danny draws an elephant and an aardvark. Danny and Ettie watch in amazement as the animals come to life in the pages - and then they join them to embark on a wildly exciting journey to somewhere very different.

Cover of Rosa's Big Bridge Experiment

What is a bridge? Rosa and her friends investigate, using critical thinking and the objects found on the beach around them. There are many kinds of bridges but not all of the ones they make are sturdy! Can they apply what they have learned when Rosa's pet dog finds himself stranded?