Cover of The Canyon's Edge

The Canyon's Edge by Dusti Bowling

Published 7 October 2020


Cover of The Gonnabe's

The Gonnabe's by Jessica Leeann

Published 3 November 2017


Cover of Captive Witness

Trouble plagues a student tour through Europe as Nancy becomes involved in a plot to smuggle refugee children across the Austrian border from Eastern Europe.

Cover of A Chola Adventure

A Chola Adventure by Anu Kumar

Published 1 November 2012


Cover of Before the Lark

Before the Lark by Irene Bennett Brown

Published 1 January 1982


In 1888, hard-working twelve-year-old Jocey Royal, tormented because of a disfiguring harelip, takes her invalid grandmother to live on the Kansas farm that her drifter father has abandoned.

Cover of Initiation

Initiation by Nicole J Knight

Published 3 April 2016


Cover of Sommersonnenwende

Sommersonnenwende by Grete Donner

Published 2 July 2018


Cover of Bubble Wrap Girl

Bubble Wrap Girl by Kari Van Wakeren

Published 6 June 2017


Cover of Santa's Clumsy Reindeer

Santa's Clumsy Reindeer by Yvonne Couture

Published 22 March 2015