Cover of S. P. Likes A. D.

S. P. Likes A. D. by Catherine Brett

Published 1 January 1989


This title is suitable for ages 14 and above. It is a fast moving short novel in which Brett treats the topic of homosexuality in a matter of fact way. Looking up slowly, still thinking about dinosaurs, she found herself staring into the face of Anne Delaney. She wanted to die. "Eric told me you needed help building your sculpture." There it was. Anne Delaney had spoken to her, to Stephanie. Stephanie suddenly felt that she didn't know who she was anymore. She tried to find her voice and drag it...

Cover of My Two Moms

My Two Moms by Alphonso Buie

Published 15 November 2019


Cover of Mommy Rich

Mommy Rich by Donelle Lewis

Published 24 November 2014


Cover of Pour toujours et   jamais

Pour toujours et jamais by Foxglove Lee

Published 17 March 2017


Cover of Leah Changes the World

Leah Changes the World by Samantha Tamburello

Published 11 March 2019


Cover of My Two Dads and Me

My Two Dads and Me by Michael Joosten

Published 26 March 2019


Celebrate Pride every day with this adorable board book for the babies and toddlers of gay fathers, featuring a variety of diverse, loving families with two dads. Families with same-sex parents are celebrated in this board book that follows busy dads and their kids throughout their day—eating breakfast, getting dressed, heading out to the park, and settling back in at night with a bubble bath and a good-night lullaby. LGBTQ+ parents and their friends and families will welcome this inclusive and...

Cover of Cosmicspace

Cosmicspace by Damian Drake

Published 7 February 2019


Cover of A Strange Place in Time 3

A Strange Place in Time 3 by Alyx J Shaw

Published 12 March 2014


Cover of What Happens After

What Happens After by Dennis Abrams

Published 31 March 2020


Cover of Without Annette

Without Annette by Jane B Mason

Published 31 May 2016

Young Adult

Josie Little has been looking forward to moving halfway across the country to attend Brookwood Academy, a prestigious boarding school, with her girlfriend, Annette, for ages. But underneath Brookwood's picture-perfect image lies a crippling sense of elitism that begins to tear the girls apart from the moment they arrive.

Cover of Fragmentos

Fragmentos by D F Collins

Published 31 October 2020


Cover of The Friendship Ruse

The Friendship Ruse (Jk, #1) by Georgia Tell

Published 13 October 2017


Cover of The Way He Lived

The Way He Lived by Amy Wing Smith

Published 23 April 2009

Young Adult

Sometimes being true to yourself means sacrificing everything. Joel Espen could never be who he really was in the small town of Haven. Still, there was always something different about him. Sixteen years old. Green eyes that could see right into your heart. A selfless need to save people. Even the way he died reflected the way he lived: helping others. But how are you supposed to just go on living like normal after suddenly losing your brother ...your best friend ...your first love? As the six t...

Cover of The Pants Project

The Pants Project by Cat Clarke

Published 1 March 2017