Cover of Little Thumb

Little Thumb by Charles Perrault

Published 7 May 2015


Cover of Bestify The Fairy

Bestify The Fairy by Anne Elizabeth Apfel

Published 29 November 2015


Cover of A Tale of Red Riding

WEREWOLVES & WITCHES & MONSTERS! OH MY! Red Riding Hood speeds into Wayward Woods on her motorcycle, hoping to find her granny and unlock the secrets of her forgotten past. She soon learns that she has magical werewolf super powers and must rise up to become the legendary Alpha Huntress. With bad-boy heartthrob Wolfgang Helheim by her side, Red will lead a squad of young heroes with magical powers of their own against an army of evil werewolves and mystical monsters of every kind.

Cover of Tolou and the Cats of Paphos

Tolou and the Cats of Paphos by Geoff Unsworth

Published 10 February 2012


Written in true Orwellian style and set in modern day Paphos on the island of Cyprus, this story tells of the threat that faces the animals of the island when rats, escaping from a burning ship in Limassol harbor, colonize and eventually start to overrun the island.Tolou, the wise she-cat of Paphos, and Theo the badly injured stranger from Limassol and Andreas, the leader of the council of cats, are the principal characters. They undergo many adventures before the final solution is reached and t...

Cover of Periwinkle

Periwinkle by Matthew S Armstrong

Published 26 May 2014


Cover of Feevin Teevs

Feevin Teevs by Simon Paddick

Published 17 July 2015


Cover of Der Jungbrunnen

Der Jungbrunnen by Paul Heyse

Published 12 February 2010


Cover of Magic Fish

Magic Fish by Margie Orford

Published 11 August 2011


A poor fisherman and his brother live in a grass hut by the sea. One day, the fisherman catches a magic talking fish, which he immediately sets free. He tells his brother what has happened and his brother demands that he go and ask the magic fish for a bigger house. The magic fish grants the fisherman's wish. Will his brother be satisfied or will he be greedy and ask for more?

Cover of The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling (Graphic Spin) by Hans C Andersen

Published 1 September 2009


One of the world's greatest fairy tales is re-told in a graphic-novel format. In a far-away land, perched upon her little nest, Mother Duck waits for her last remaining egg to hatch. When the odd little egg finally breaks open, Mother Duck is shocked to see an ugly duckling staring up at her. Despite its homeliness, Mother Duck adores her awkward child and does her best to protect him. Unfortunately, no one else on the farm wants anything to do with the Ugly Duckling, and he is driven from the f...

Cover of Disney: Aladdin

Disney: Aladdin

Published 9 April 2019


Cover of Frozen: Olaf And The Three Polar Bears

Frozen: Olaf And The Three Polar Bears

Published 23 October 2018


Cover of The Emperors New Clothes

The Emperors New Clothes by Vincent Douglas

Published 1 November 2004


Cover of Forgotten Fairy Tales

Forgotten Fairy Tales

Published 17 July 2020