Cover of Vote for Our Future!

Vote for Our Future! by Margaret McNamara and Micah Player

Published 18 February 2020


In this charming and powerful picture book about voting and elections, the students of Stanton Elementary School learn how we can find--and use--our voices for change. Every two years, on the first Tuesday of November, Stanton Elementary School closes for the day. For vacation? Nope! For repairs? No way! Stanton Elementary School closes so that it can transform itself into a polling station. People can come from all over to vote for the people who will make laws for the country. Sure, the Stan...

Cover of Candy Jones for Class President

Candy Jones for Class President by Afiya Lawer

Published 30 July 2014


Cover of Sentient

Sentient by Wendy L Koenig

Published 11 August 2015


Cover of The Rabbits' Rebellion

The Rabbits' Rebellion by Ariel Dorfman

Published 15 November 2001


The Chief Wolf has decreed that rabbits no longer exist and when he appoints a monkey as his official state photographer the monkey knows his own safety is at risk - he can't stop those supposedly non existent, fluffy tailed creatures from appearing in his photographs.

Cover of A Little Election

A Little Election by Danny Katz

Published 1 August 2007


Cover of The Homework Strike

The Homework Strike by Greg Pincus

Published 3 January 2017


Now in seventh grade Gregory K. is frustrated by all the homework that leaves him no time for writing, which is what he loves to do--so he decides to go on a homework strike, and with his history teacher's encouragement he learns a valuable lesson in civics and standing up for what you believe in.

Cover of The Election Day Dilemma

The Election Day Dilemma

Published 1 September 2016


"Cousin Alice is running for mayor, and the Boxcar Children must find out which of her opponents is using sneaky tricks to win the race!"--Provided by publisher.

Cover of Elephant and Whale

Elephant and Whale by MR Jason M Panick

Published 11 April 2016


Cover of Let's Vote!

Let's Vote! by Anita Iaco

Published 2 August 2016


"A children's politics and government book that helps young readers learn the value of voting in an election. Follow along as Miss Jenn uses three different fruits to help her students run their own in-class campaigns"

Cover of Think Then Decide

Think Then Decide by Sandra Calder Davidson

Published 24 May 2019


Cover of A Mole In The White House

A Mole In The White House by Rebecca Gilan

Published 20 January 2020


Cover of The Trump family story

The Trump family story by Walt Design

Published 21 May 2020


Cover of Johnny's Jelly Bean Tacos

Johnny's Jelly Bean Tacos by Jeff Norkoli

Published 7 April 2018


Cover of What Is an American?

What Is an American? by Matt Scott

Published 4 February 2020


Cover of R Is for Rebel

R Is for Rebel by J. Anderson Coats

Published 20 February 2018

Young Adult

Princess Academy meets Megan Whalen Turner in this stunning novel about a girl who won t let anything tame her spirit not the government that conquered her people, and definitely not reform school!