Cover of Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton-Trent

Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton-Trent by Lauren Child

Published 18 November 2004


Another fantastic, witty and incredibly original story from award-winning Lauren Child. Hubert Horatio or H for short is a genius at almost absolutely everything. His parents on the other hand aren't too good with money...and fritter away the family fortune. It's up to Hubert and his friend, Stanton Harcourt to sort out the mess.

Cover of The Orange Pony

Kate is worried that she will not be able to ride the difficult orange pony - but soon finds she knows exactly what to do. Wendy Douthwaite is author of The Christmas Pony, Very Special Pony and The Pony at Moor End.

Cover of Here's Lily!

Grow with the spirited, sometimes awkward, but always charming Lily as she learns what real beauty is.In this fun, entertaining story, readers meet awkward sixth grader Lily Robbins who, after receiving a compliment about her looks from a woman in the modeling business, becomes obsessed with her appearance and with becoming a model. As she sets her sights on winning the model search fashion show, she exchanges her rock and feather collection for lip gloss, fashion magazines, and a private "club"...

Cover of Maggie & Oliver or a Bone of One's Own

A dog whose beloved owner has died and an orphaned ten-year-old girl find each other while enduring poverty and homelessness in early-twentieth-century Boston.

Cover of Pink Knickers Aren't Cool

Meet Polly, Keri, Frizz and Lily - they're the Gang of Four, and they're determined to be best friends for ever! Their bond of friendship is severely tested, though, when they discover that they are all going off to different schools in the autumn. And poor Frizz is going to be left with their arch enemy, Jessamy James, a show-off who wears pink knickers, which they all know isn't cool! A lively and humorous story perfect for top junior girls facing the momentous change to secondary school.

Cover of Chocolate

Chocolate by Jayden Ellsworth

Published 5 April 2017


Cover of A Song for Robin

A Song for Robin by Amanda Caverzasi

Published 20 February 2020


Cover of A Boy Named Roy

A Boy Named Roy by Esther M Schonfeld

Published 7 November 2015


Cover of Same Way Ben

Same Way Ben by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Published 1 October 2019


Cover of Oscar the Hungry Unicorn Board Book

A hilariously funny tale of friendship, belonging and LOTS OF EATING from the bestselling author of There Is No Dragon in This Story. Perfect for fans of Oi Frog.Oscar the Unicorn has eaten his stable so he needs to find somewhere else to live. Not easy if you're a unicorn who eats everything in sight ... No one wants him around: not the pirates or the fairies or the dragons. Will Oscar ever find a place to call home? Well, it just so happens that Princess Oola has been searching for a unicorn F...

Cover of Seventeenth Summer

Seventeenth Summer by Maureen Daly

Published 1 January 1942


Story of a girl's pre-college romance.

Cover of Yes, Please!

Yes, Please! by Valerie Wheeler

Published 8 March 2007


Glin Dibley, an illustrator, and author Valerie Wheeler combine forces to create a rollicking, riotous picture book that will have youngsters giggling and shouting with delight. Kids will happily shout out the answers to the wonderfully silly questions posed in this picture book. And no, they won't even realize they're learning about manners at the same time, because they'll be having way too much fun. The bright and goofy text simply encourages young ones and their parents to make a joyful nois...

Cover of Star in the Forest

Star in the Forest by Laura Resau

Published 9 March 2010


Zitlally's family is undocumented, and her father has just been arrested for speeding and deported back to Mexico. As her family waits for him to return—they’ve paid a coyote to guide him back across the border—they receive news that he and the coyote’s other charges have been kidnapped and are being held for ransom. Meanwhile, Zitlally and a new friend find a dog in the forest near their trailer park. They name it Star for the star-shaped patch over its eye. As time goes on, Zitlally starts to...

Cover of Amico

Amico by Chrissie Jackson

Published 2 June 2003


Cover of Husky

Husky by Justin Sayre

Published 22 September 2015


Twelve-year-old Davis lives in an old brownstone with his mother and grandmother in Brooklyn. He loves people-watching in Prospect Park, visiting his mom in the bakery she owns, and listening to the biggest operas he can find as he walks everywhere. But Davis is having a difficult summer. As questions of sexuality begin to enter his mind, he worries people don t see him as anything other than husky. To make matters worse, his best girlfriends are starting to hang out with mean girls and popular...

Cover of Josie's Bedazzled Shoes

Josie's Bedazzled Shoes by Teresa Baker and Lydia Miles

Published 5 May 2017


Cover of Encyclopedia Brown Gets His Man

Leroy Brown, aka Encyclopedia Brown, is Idaville neighborhood’s ten-year-old star detective. With an uncanny knack for trivia, he solves mysteries for the neighborhood kids through his own detective agency. But his dad also happens to be the chief of the Idaville police department, and every night around the dinner table, Encyclopedia helps him solve his most baffling crimes. And with ten confounding mysteries in each book, not only does Encyclopedia have a chance to solve them, but the reader i...