Before They Are Hanged (World of the First Law, #2) (First Law Trilogy, #2)

by Joe Abercrombie

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Book cover for Before They Are Hanged

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How do you defend a city surrounded by enemies and riddled with traitors, when your allies can by no means be trusted and your predecessor vanished without trace? It's enough to make a torturer want to run—if he could even walk without a stick—and Inquisitor Glokta needs answers before the Gurkish army comes knocking at the gates.

Northmen have spilled over the border of Angland and are spreading fire and death across the frozen country. Crown Prince Ladisla is poised to drive them back and win undying glory. There is only one problem: he commands the worst-armed, worst-trained, worst-led army in the world.

And Bayaz, the First of the Magi, is leading a party of bold adventurers on a perilous mission through the ruins of the past. The most hated woman in the South, the most feared man in the North, and the most selfish boy in the Union make a strange alliance, but a deadly one. They might even stand a chance of saving mankind from the Eaters. If they didn't have each other quite so much.

Ancient secrets will be uncovered. Bloody battles will be won and lost. Bitter enemies will be forgiven—but not before they are hanged.

Broken Binding subscription exclusive. Signed, numbered, stencilled edges, decorated hardcover, and limited to 1500 copies.

  • ISBN13 9781399605120
  • Publish Date April 2022 (first published 15 March 2007)
  • Publish Status Out of Print
  • Publish Country GB
  • Imprint Gollancz