Cover of Reincarnated as a Dragon Hatchling (Light Novel) Vol. 1

A fantasy isekai adventure about a man who has to restart life…as an egg?! (And don’t miss the manga adaptation, also from Seven Seas.) In a world full of dangerous monsters, our unnamed protagonist finds himself reborn at the very bottom of the food chain as an immobile, powerless egg. Even just hatching will require leveling up by fighting monsters–the same monsters who’d love to eat him as a snack. But with the help of the mysterious voice in his head, he’s determined to grow into the most p...

Cover of On Her Own

What’s the harm in taking a break from protecting the city for one date? Alison is about to find out…Bounty hunter license in hand and attitude in place, Alison is ready to house-train the city’s malevolent magicals.But even a Brownstone needs a little downtime!Cleansing Seattle of the Eastern Union’s threat was hard business.Exhausted and dripping with sweat at the gym, she collides with a man who gets her pulse pounding. Great first impression…Courting can be tricky when you’re busy taking out...

Cover of Sound of Stone

Sound of Stone by Erik Van Mechelen

Published 5 September 2018


Cover of Abarat 2

Abarat 2 by Clive Barker

Published 2 October 2006


A dazzling fantasy adventure for all ages, the second part of a quartet appearing at two yearly intervals, richly illustrated by the author. Film rights sold to Disney for $8 million on the paintings alone. The Abarat; a magical otherworld composed on an archipelago of twenty-five islands - one for each hour of the day, plus an island out of time. Candy Quackenbush, escaping her dull, dull life from the most boring place in our world, Chickentown, USA, finds that in the Abara...

Cover of House of Resurrection

THE MUMMIES HAVE RETURNED. All over the world, in museums and private collections, the mummies have resurrected. No one knows why or how. Except the Vatican & it's determined the secret shall never be told. Now, held by curious governments, the ancient Egyptians are nothing but laboratory guinea pigs - helpless and frightened in this strange new world. Only three people can help them; the three that resurrected them, Ellie, Ben and Gerhard. Determined to maintain their monotheism power-base...

Cover of The Lighted Sword

The Lighted Sword by Chip Simmons

Published 29 August 2017


Cover of Burn Me Deadly

Above Angelina's Tavern in down-and-dirty Neceda, you'll find the office of Eddie LaCrosse, a freelance sword jockey who, for twenty-five gold pieces a day, will take on any task short of murder for hire. Eddie's on his way back from a routine investigation when his horse almost runs down a half-naked blonde in serious trouble. Against his better judgment, he promises to protect the frightened young woman, only to find himself waylaid by unknown assailants and left for dead beside her mutilated...

Cover of Spanish Tale

Spanish Tale by Dr Mohsen El-Guindy

Published 17 January 2021


Cover of Blood Bonded

Eva Higgins is no stranger to violence. An assassination attempt is just another hazard of her job, especially after being blacklisted by Mr. Roper. Eva only takes mercenary jobs now that align with her own interests and moral code. With the help of her trusty assistant, Derek, she easily stays in the shadows. But her covert skill craft is no match for Calder. He has traveled across the realms to find her. Backed by the powerful Ceann Olc and fueled by vengeance, he will stop at nothing to see...

Cover of Maefair

Maefair (Redsands, #2) by Ia Mullin

Published 8 December 2017


Cover of Turncoat

Turncoat (Time Trap, #5) by Deborah Chester

Published 18 January 2015


Cover of The Severed City

It’s time for someone to pay.  Killop has escaped the dungeons of the Rahain and fled into the mountains. All he desires is to begin his search for Daphne, but his people are crying out for a leader to free them from their chains of servitude. Can he ignore their pleas and leave Rahain to look for the woman he loves? Or will he stay, and lead his people in their fight for freedom before they are destroyed He cannot do both……and time is running out. Keira lies shackled and alone, surrounded...

Cover of Souls of Astraeus

Souls of Astraeus by Jeramy Goble

Published 10 October 2013


Cover of The Song of All

A former warrior caught between gods and priests must fight for the survival of his family in this dark epic fantasy debut, set in a harsh arctic world inspired by Scandinavian indigenous cultures. On the forbidding fringes of the tundra, where years are marked by seasons of snow, humans war with immortals in the name of their shared gods. Irjan, a human warrior, is ruthless and lethal, a legend among the Brethren of Hunters. But even legends grow tired and disillusioned. Scarred and weary...

Cover of Heidi

Heidi (Heidi, #1) by Johanna Spyri

Published 1 January 1900


Orphaned Heidi lives with her gruff but caring grandfather on the side of Swiss mountain, where she befriends young Peter the goat-herd. She leads an idyllic life, until she is forced to leave the mountain she has always known to go and live with a sickly girl in the city. Will Heidi ever see her grandfather again? A classic tale of a young girl's coming-of-age, of friendship, and familial love, Heidi has inspired countless dramatic versions, both on TV and in film, including Shirley Temple's fa...