A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander, #6)

by Diana Gabaldon

4 of 5 stars 14 ratings • 7 reviews • 24 shelved
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A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander, #6)

by Diana Gabaldon

4 of 5 stars 14 ratings • 7 reviews • 24 shelved
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The sixth book in Diana Gabaldon’s acclaimed Outlander saga, the basis for the Starz original series. Don’t miss the new Outlander novel, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone, available November 23!

“The large scope of the novel allows Gabaldon to do what she does best, paint in exquisite detail the lives of her characters.”—Booklist

The year is 1772, and on the eve of the American Revolution, the long fuse of rebellion has already been lit. Men lie dead in the streets of Boston, and in the backwoods of North Carolina, isolated cabins burn in the forest.

With chaos brewing, the governor calls upon Jamie Fraser to unite the backcountry and safeguard the colony for King and Crown. But from his wife Jamie knows that three years hence the shot heard round the world will be fired, and the result will be independence—with those loyal to the King either dead or in exile. And there is also the matter of a tiny clipping from The Wilmington Gazette, dated 1776, which reports Jamie’s death, along with his kin. For once, he hopes, his time-traveling family may be wrong about the future.
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  • Publish Date 27 September 2005 (first published 1 January 2005)
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  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Delacorte Press
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 992
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Avatar for readingwithbecs

I loved this book so much! The last couple have just been okay reads for me, they had some parts I found a bit boring. But this one hold my attention and enjoyment the whole way trough! Maybe because I've watched the TV show in between so I'm much more invested in the characters and their lifes. Even though most of the stuff in this book also happened in the 5th season, I still enjoyed those parts so much.

The storyline with Fergus had me so so angry at the start. I love Fergus and only want the best for him. Seeing him struggle in this book and how it affected him broke my heart. So I was so angry at first. But now that I've finished the book and have processed it, I'm not mad anymore. I still only want the best for him, but as a reader I also really appreciate that Diana makes her characters go trough these real life struggles.

I loved Lizzie and the twins story so much and couldn't hold back smiles for how it turned out.

The Malva storyline was so interesting! I was so shocked when she accused Jamie of being the father! I knew it couldn't be true, but still Diana made me a bit worried that we didn't know Jamie as well as we though, she really has a talent for making one second guess something that your certain about! I also like that we don't get a definite answer to what really went down. Again because it's realistic that not all mysteries get solved.

Avatar for rakesandrogues

I have to admit that I thought the book was really dull up until the halfway mark... After that, I really found myself into the book and I couldn't put it down. Many of the plot lines were finally (FINALLY!!!) concluded after three or so books. While I had enjoyed the build up, it was very satisfying to see them concluded.

I think that this has got to be one of my favorite endings.... I thought it was brilliantly done. At first I thought it was being drawn out too much but in the end, I took it back. I think that if the series were to end with this one, it could have easily done that.

Avatar for littleread1

littleread1 5 of 5 stars
My favorite by far of the series to date! Some terrible things happen, yes of course they do. It IS Diana Gabaldon we are talking about here people. However, I thought there were many many more hilarious parts. We are mostly past the get to know you stage by this point (I mean, how many pages have I read???) so we can enjoy the day to day shenanigans. A snake in church ... I thought I might have an accident. The, uh, surprise guest at the wake - oh jesus. And so many more ... I can't even think of them all. And of course the way this one ends ... right in Echo I go!

Avatar for elysium

elysium 3 of 5 stars
I liked the book but there was some boring parts too. I loved the books much more when they were in Scotland, and I have to confess I don’t know much about The American Revolutionary War. It’s just not really my era. And I’ve always thought Roger was boring and there were quite a few chapters by him.

I loved hearing more about Ian’s time with the Indians and his wife. It’s been awhile since I read the last book but I thought his wife was dead? Maybe I’m just remembering wrong or confusing it with their daughter…I so hope we get to see more Ian in the future!