Cover of Summer Prince

He’s trapped in a dark land, and she’s his only hope of escape.Locked in a vicious battle with the tyrant king, a spell is cast on Prince Varian of the Summer Court that transports him to a realm of ghastly monsters and unspeakable horrors. There, he is imprisoned by ogres and learns of a powerful witch who may hold the key to his return to Summer Court.But this magical enchantress is far more than she appears...After living in the beastly land for ten years, Layla holds no hope of ever returnin...

Cover of Sentinels

Sentinels by Doranna Durgin

Published 1 February 2015


Cover of Destined

Destined by Viola Grace

Published 15 March 2013


Cover of Das rote Gold Band 4

Das rote Gold Band 4 by Lisa Heven

Published 27 November 2017


Cover of Hunting Midnight

Hunting Midnight by Emma Holly

Published 18 December 2006


Cover of Keeper of the Heart

Ly-San-Ter Family; Volume number 2

Cover of Voice

Voice by Noelia Amarillo

Published 12 January 2015


Cover of Conflict

Conflict by Viola Grace

Published 1 January 2013


Cover of The Spider

"How did I end up in a career where I always have blood on my hands? Well, let me tell you a story about an assassin who thought she could do no wrong. . . . Ten years ago. A blistering hot August night. I remember like it was yesterday. The night I, Gin Blanco, truly became the Spider. Killing people is what I do best, especially now that I've honed my Ice and Stone magic. But back then, I had yet to learn one very important rule: arrogance will get you, every single time. This particular jo...

Cover of Northern Kingdom Book 1

Northern Kingdom Book 1 by K T Harding

Published 1 July 2017


Cover of The Lay of Angor

The Lay of Angor by Andrew Rae

Published 1 February 2013


Cover of Blood Drive

Blood Drive by Traci Houston

Published 1 October 2011


Cover of Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death by Danielle James

Published 11 July 2017


Cover of Emerald's Ring

Emerald's Ring by Jaylee Austin

Published 13 October 2017