Suzanna (An Evans Novel of the West)

by Harry Sinclair Drago

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The tinkling of guitars in the moonlight; the softly hummed words of a Spanish love song; the sweet, liquid music of the bells in the mission San Carlos De Carmelo; fleeting pictures of old Father Junipero Serro-these and a hundred other rich memories flood the mind as one unfolds the story of little Suzanna, a peon girl, poor, futureless at a time when the Dons and the grandsons of the conquistadores were supreme in California.

You think of Ramona; the dust covered stretches of El Camino Real-the King's Highway-appear before your eyes; you hear the roaring of quaint, old-fashioned, muzzleloading guns, the clash of cold steel; subconsciously you thrill to the deeds of valor, of sacrifice and danger. You are in step with romance and adventure when it was in its heyday in Old California.

Red-lipped, smoky-eyed senoritas smile on you; your nostrils dilate with ungent aromas of hot, golden brown tortillas, or fragrant, steaming tamales; for you the clock has been turned back a hundred years-you walk in a land that is gone, but in which fate played as recklessly with the lives of men and women as it does in our own world today.
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  • ISBN13 9781322889238
  • Publish Date 1 January 2014 (first published 25 July 2007)
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  • Out of Print 12 May 2015
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  • Imprint M. Evans and Company
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