The Jasmine Throne (The Burning Kingdoms, #1)

by Tasha Suri

Lauren Panepinto (Cover Designer) and Micah Epstein (Illustrator)

3.92 of 5 stars 6 ratings • 1 review • 42 shelved 2021 Fantasy Pick
Book cover for The Jasmine Throne

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One is a vengeful princess seeking to depose her brother from his throne.
The other is a priestess searching for her family.
Together, they will change the fate of an empire.

Imprisoned by her dictator brother, Malini spends her days in isolation in the Hirana: an ancient temple that was once the source of powerful magic - but is now little more than a decaying ruin.

Priya is a maidservant, one of several who make the treacherous journey to the top of the Hirana every night to attend Malini's chambers. She is happy to be an anonymous drudge, as long as it keeps anyone from guessing the dangerous secret she hides. But when Malini accidentally bears witness to Priya's true nature, their destinies become irrevocably tangled . . .

Illumicrate May 2021 pick. Exclusively available in hardcover from Illumicrate. Has vine printed edges.

  • ISBN13 9780356516912
  • Publish Date 10 June 2021 (first published 8 June 2021)
  • Publish Status Out of Print
  • Publish Country GB
  • Imprint Orbit
  • Edition Illumicrate Exclusive
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 540
  • Language English
  • Special Sprayed Edges