Cover of Deathbringer

Deathbringer by J a Marian

Published 10 December 2014


Cover of Murderland

Murderland by Garrett Cook

Published 21 July 2013


Cover of Billy Purgatory

Billy Purgatory by Jesse James Freeman

Published 1 December 2011


Cover of Shaitan

Shaitan by Benjamin W Cody

Published 15 December 2018


Cover of The Fate of Stars

The Fate of Stars by Gideon Jagged

Published 9 May 2014


Cover of The Shining City

"Expert world builder"* Fiona Patton concludes The Warriors of Estavia saga. *Midwest Book Review With the three children of prophecy-the seers Spar and Graize, and the warrior Brax-now grown, and the young God Hisar ready to stake his claim to a place in the pantheon of Anavatan, a time of chaos and change is fast approaching. For only if sworn enemies Spar and Graize can come together as Hisar's priests will the God stand any chance of surviving the coming battles with both the hungry spiri...

Cover of Shroud

Shroud by Marisa Mohdi

Published 9 March 2016