Cover of Outcast - Book 2

Outcast - Book 2 by M Keep and J E Keep

Published 11 March 2015


Cover of Les Affliges - Volume 2

Les Affliges - Volume 2 by M I a

Published 30 June 2016


Cover of Hammer and Bone

Hammer and Bone by Kirby Crow

Published 2 March 2015


Cover of The Captor's Redemption

The Captor's Redemption by Lani Lenore

Published 14 July 2018


Cover of Savage Betrayal

Savage Betrayal by Anni Antoni

Published 5 September 2017


Cover of Numinoids

Numinoids by Alex S Johnson

Published 19 April 2016


Cover of Illthdar

Illthdar by Rachel E Garcia

Published 24 January 2020


Illthdar: the land that logic and reason forgot. A place where every fairytale exists, and not in harmony. Pulled there by a mysterious force, Zercey Stamos learns that she is part faery must join the Order of Mana. The religious protectors of the sacred crystal are fighting to save everyone from mana waste. None of the displaced humans or aliens can leave. The Order does not want them to leave.

Cover of Bed Time Stories for Adults

Bed Time Stories for Adults by Andy Benson

Published 25 October 2020


Cover of Kingdom of Ara

Kingdom of Ara by Nicholas Bella

Published 27 February 2017


Cover of The In-World

At first it was just another hoax, another UFO story, but the sightings went on increasing. It couldn't be an alien, there had been so many false alarms, dramatic news-columnists had shouted 'wolf' so many times, that John Citizen shrugged his shoulders and said 'nuts' at the very mention of the word space-ship. Then one of them landed... The things they did were not exactly friendly. In fact by the time they'd finished, they had made an old-time Viking raid seem like a social call from the vi...

Cover of Whitemantle

Whitemantle by Robert Carter

Published 2 May 2006


This work features the third coming of Arthur. It is the final volume in a rich and evocative tale set in a mythic 15th century Britain, to rival the work of Bernard Cornwell. As civil war tears the Realm apart, the sorcerer Maskull's plans to bring about a catastrophe that will rob the world of magic are coming to fruition. The wizard Gwydion knows that the only hope for the future lies with Willand, the young man he believes to be the reincarnation of King Arthur. But Will is beset with doubts...

Cover of Sorrow's Ruin

Sorrow's Ruin by Lee Donoghue

Published 8 March 2015