Desperate Reflections (Fury Falls Inn, #3)

by Betty Bolte

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Book cover for Desperate Reflections

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Fury Falls Inn in 1821 Alabama. A place for ghosts, witches, and magic. A place of secrets and hidden dangers. Abram must protect his vulnerable sister from all of it. Before the dark side of magic ensnares her.

When Abram Fairhope grudgingly travels to the inn at his beloved sister’s request, he has no idea of the dire revelations about to upend his life. His only desire is to fulfill his familial duty and then get back to his job as senator’s aide. But the shocking truth of his very nature destroys all of his carefully laid plans. Worse still, he must use his newly revealed ability to shield his sister from terrible danger. Threats exist from within and without, especially the surprisingly pretty woman his jaded heart can’t seem to ignore. Can he keep his sister safe and still protect his heart?

  • ISBN10 173546693X
  • ISBN13 9781735466934
  • Publish Date 11 May 2021
  • Publish Status Active
  • Imprint Mystic Owl Publishing
  • Format Paperback (US Trade)
  • Pages 274
  • Language English