Waterfire Saga, Book Three Dark Tide (Waterfire Saga, #3)

by Jennifer Donnelly

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Once a lost and confused princess, Serafina is now a confident leader of the Black Fin Resistance (BFR). While she works on sabotaging her enemy and enlisting allies for battle, her friends face challenges of their own. Ling is in the hold of Rafe Mfeme's giant trawler, on her way to a prison camp. Becca meets up with Astrid and learns why the Ondalinian mermaid is always so angry: she is hiding a shameful secret. Ava can't return home, because death riders await her arrival. And it is getting more and more difficult for Mahdi, Serafina's betrothed, to keep up the ruse that he is in love with Lucia Volerno. If Lucia's parents become suspicious, his life--and all of Sera's hopes--will be extinguished.

  • ISBN10 1423182014
  • ISBN13 9781423182016
  • Publish Date 13 October 2015 (first published 1 October 2015)
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  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Disney-Hyperion
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 400
  • Language English