Cover of The Summer Before Forever

The Summer Before Forever by Melissa Chambers

Published 22 August 2016

Young Adult

Cover of There Will Come a Time

There Will Come a Time by Carrie Arcos

Published 15 April 2014

Young Adult

Overwhelmed by grief and guilt after his twin sister Grace's accidental death, seventeen-year-old Mark Santos is persuaded by his best friend to complete the "bucket list" from Grace's journal.

Cover of The Long Ride Home

The Long Ride Home by Tawni Waters

Published 15 August 2017

Young Adult

A cross-country motorcycle trip to scatter her mother's ashes turns into a journey of self-discovery as Harley navigates a romance with unexpected consequences.

Cover of Starcrossed / Dreamless

Starcrossed / Dreamless by Josephine Angelini

Published 21 March 2013

Young Adult

This ebook bundle features both Starcrossed and Dreamless, the first two books in the bestselling Starcrossed series by Josephine Angelini. Starcrossed: When shy, awkward Helen Hamilton sees Lucas Delos for the first time she thinks two things: the first, that he is the most ridiculously beautiful boy she has seen in her life; the second, that she wants to kill him with her bare hands. With an ancient curse making them loathe one another, Lucas and Helen have to keep their distance. But someti...

Cover of The Music of What Happens

The Music of What Happens by Bill Konigsberg

Published 1 February 2019

Young Adult

Cover of River Secrets

War between Bayern and Tira is finally over. To cement the peace with their old sworn enemies, a group from each kingdom will cross to the other for a 'season of friendship'. At first all is well, but mysterious events in the Tiran capital arouse the suspicions and anger bubbling just beneath the surface. Enna's friend Razo must find out who is masterminding these events, before it's too late, and they find themselves trapped in the heart of Tira as war breaks out.

Cover of Forbidden

Forbidden (Forbidden, #1) by Syrie James and Ryan M James

Published 24 January 2012

Young Adult

She should not exist. He should not love her. Claire Brennan has been attending Emerson Academy for two years now (the longest she and her mom have remained anywhere) and she's desperate to stay put for the rest of high school. So there's no way she's going to tell her mom about the psychic visions she's been having or the creepy warnings that she's in danger. Alec MacKenzie is fed up with his duties to watch and, when necessary, eliminate the descendants of his angelic forefathers. He chose...

Cover of Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index

Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index by Julie Israel

Published 30 May 2017

Young Adult

After finding a break-up letter written by her older sister on the day she died, sixteen-year-old Juniper Lemon becomes determined to find the recipient--only identified as "you"--and in the process uncovers other notes and secrets that demand her attention.

Cover of Reap the Shadows

Piper is feeling a bit overwhelmed. With Seiya and Lyre missing, Ash recovering from near fatal injuries, and the Gaians picking fights with daemons all over the city, a girl can’t help but think she might be in over her head. And this time, she’s on her own. Before she even has a chance to investigate the Gaians’ new stockpile of mysterious, high-tech weaponry, an old enemy ambushes her: Samael’s henchman Raum. He wants Ash’s help and won’t take “get lost” for an answer. She doesn’t know if sh...

Cover of Autofocus

Autofocus by Lauren Gibaldi

Published 14 June 2016

Young Adult

"A senior photography project gives Maude the perfect opportunity to search for more information about her birth mother--but she may not like what she finds"--

Cover of Lies My Girlfriend Told Me

Lies My Girlfriend Told Me by Julie Anne Peters

Published 1 January 2014


When Alix's charismatic girlfriend, Swanee, dies from sudden cardiac arrest, Alix is overcome with despair. As she searches Swanee's room for mementos of their relationship, she finds Swanee's cell phone, pinging with dozens of unread texts. Unsure what to do, Alix reads the text messages, all of which are sent from a mysterious contact "L.T." The most recent text reads: "Please tell me what I did. Please, Swan. Te quiero. I love you." Shocked and betrayed, Alix comes to learn that Swanee's bee...

Cover of P.S. I Still Love You

Lara Jean and her love letters are back in this utterly irresistible sequel to NETFLIX feature film To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Lara Jean didn’t expect to really fall for Peter. They were just pretending. Until they weren’t. And now Lara Jean has to learn what it’s like to be in a real relationship and not just a make believe one. But when another boy from her past returns to her life, Lara Jean’s feelings for him suddenly return, too. Can a girl be in love with two boys at once? In thi...

Cover of Love, Hate & Other Filters

Love, Hate & Other Filters by Samira Ahmed

Published 1 January 2018

Young Adult

A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER. Nominated for the CILIP CARNEGIE MEDAL 2019 A romantic and relevant debut about Islamophobia and how it affects the normal life of a teenage girl. Maya Aziz dreams of being a film maker in New York. Her family have other ideas. They want her to be a dutiful daughter who wears gold jewellery and high heels and trains to be a doctor. But jewellery and heels are so uncomfortable . . . She's also caught between the guy she SHOULD like and the guy sh...

Cover of Plague in the Mirror

Plague in the Mirror by Deborah Noyes

Published 11 June 2013

Young Adult

In a sensual paranormal romance, a teen girl's doppelganger from 1348 Florence lures her into the past in hopes of exacting a deadly trade.It was meant to be a diversion - a summer in Florence with her best friend, Liam, and his travel writer mum, doing historical research between breaks for gelato. A chance to forget that back in Vermont, May's parents, and all semblance of safety, were breaking up. But when May wakes one night sensing someone in her room, to find her ghostly twin staring back...

Cover of Demon Eyes

Demon Eyes by Scott Tracey

Published 8 October 2012

Young Adult

Braden thought he had destroyed Lucien, a calculating demon trapped for centuries in a human body. But he's haunted by disturbing visions of the undead demon promising to return and a terrible warning: The feud between Belle Dam's two witch dynasties - ruled by Catherine Lansing and Braden's father - is about to get unimaginably worse. As young girls start disappearing from town, Braden knows Lucien's diabolical scheme has been set in motion. Forced to explore the unknown powers of his witch eye...

Cover of A Lady's Destiny

A Lady's Destiny by Brenda Hasse

Published 29 October 2018

Young Adult

Cover of Untitled


Published 6 November 2018

Young Adult