Hunger Makes the Wolf (The Ghost Wolves, #1)

by Alex Wells

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Book cover for Hunger Makes the Wolf

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The strange planet known as Tanegawa's World is owned by TransRifts Inc, the company with the absolute monopoly on interstellar travel. Hob landed there ten years ago, a penniless orphan left behind by a rift ship. She was taken in by Nick Ravani and quickly became a member of his mercenary biker troop, the Ghost Wolves. Ten years later, she discovers that the body of Nick's brother out in the dunes. Worse, his daughter is missing, taken by shady beings called the Weathermen. But there are greater mysteries to be discovered - both about Hob and the strange planet she calls home. File Under: Science Fiction [ Road of Fury | Hob's Angels | Ghost on the Highway | The Weatherman Says ]
  • ISBN13 9780857666437
  • Publish Date 2 March 2017
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country GB
  • Imprint Angry Robot
  • Edition New edition
  • Format Paperback (B-Format (198x129 mm))
  • Pages 416
  • Language English