Cover of A Vampire Story

A Vampire Story by Susan Shepherd

Published 4 May 2015


Cover of Soul of a Ruby

Soul of a Ruby by Wren McCabe

Published 22 June 2018


Cover of How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back

Horror meets humorous urban fantasy in fourth book in the White Trash Zombie series • Winner of the 2012 Best Urban Fantasy Protagonist by the RT Awards Our favorite zombie Angel Crawford has come a long way from her days as a pain-pill-addicted high school dropout with a felony record. After a year highlighted by murder, kidnapping, and the loss of her home, all she wants to do is kick back, relax, and maybe even think about college. But when key members of the “Zombie Mafia” go missing, she...

Cover of Sung In Blood

Sung In Blood by Glen Cook

Published 1 November 2006


For centuries, the legendary Protector, Jehrke Victorious, has kept safe the Crossroad of the World Shasesserre. The City is kept guarded and blanketed from smaller-scale threats to dark magical anomalies. All was calm and peaceful for generations under the peaceful wizardry until one day, a mysterious stranger brutally murders the Protector. In this tale of Sung in Blood, responsibility now falls on Rider, the slain Protector's son. Presuming responsibilities as Protector of Shasesserre, he de...

Cover of Choosing the Bride

Choosing the Bride by E.T.A. Hoffmann

Published 29 January 2019


Cover of The Incarnation of Grace

The Incarnation of Grace by Holly J Martin

Published 13 October 2019


Cover of Dark Harmonie

Dark Harmonie by Jacqueline Rainey

Published 24 February 2014


Cover of Miranda and the Prince

Miranda and the Prince by Wendy Stone

Published 23 June 2008


Cover of The Supernatural Hunt

The Supernatural Hunt by Alan Dwayne

Published 16 May 2016


Cover of In the Shadow of Light

In the Shadow of Light by Tracy Causley

Published 13 February 2018


Cover of The Shadow Weave

The Shadow Weave (Spell Weaver, #2) by Annette Marie

Published 23 January 2018

Young Adult

Clio might be a nymph living in exile among humans. And she might possess the rare ability to mimic any magic she sees. And she might have just seriously ticked off the most powerful family of spell weavers in the Underworld.But she is not in love with an incubus.Lyre is the rebellious black sheep of said weaver family, and he's the only reason she survived her recent Underworld "vacation." He's also the sexiest thing she's ever seen. Together, they have to track down a catastrophically dangerou...