The Bone Ships (The Tide Child Trilogy, #1)

by RJ Barker

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Book cover for The Bone Ships

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For generations, the Hundred Isles have built their ships from the bones of ancient dragons to fight an endless war. 
The dragons disappeared, but the battles for supremacy persisted. 
Now the first dragon in centuries has been spotted in far-off waters, and both sides see a chance to shift the balance of power in their favour. Because whoever catches it will win not only glory, but the war. 

A brilliantly imagined saga of honour, glory, and warfare, The Bone Ships starts an epic new trilogy from David Gemmell Award-nominated RJ Barker. 

Broken Binding exclusive hardcover edition. Signed, numbered, limited to 1500 copies, and with stencilled edges.

  • ISBN13 9780356521794
  • Publish Date April 2023 (first published 24 September 2019)
  • Publish Status Out of Print
  • Publish Country GB
  • Imprint Orbit