An Heir of Frost (A Trial of Sorcerers, #4)

by Elise Kova

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Book cover for An Heir of Frost

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The fate of five kingdoms teeters on the knife’s edge, and Eira’s destiny is in the icy grasp of the Pirate Queen.

After a narrow escape from the brutal end of the Tournament of Five Kingdoms, Eira and her friends find themselves prisoners of the legendary Pirate Queen Adela. To most, death follows shortly after the pirate queen’s icy stare. But for Eira, those all too familiar eyes hold long-sought truths.

As she and her friends dive deeper into the pirates’ world, their magic is pushed to the brink. Morals are tested. Old passions reignite, and fresh desires spark. But love can be the deadliest vulnerability.

Amidst high-seas action, close-call escapes, and unraveling the twisted political machinations that happen in the shadows of their world, a haunting question looms larger and larger:

How much are they prepared to sacrifice for what they believe in?

An Heir of Frost is the fourth book in A Trial of Sorcerers, a young adult, epic fantasy series intended for readers who love stories involving: sorcerer competitions, slow-burn romance, adventures to distant lands, good triumphing over evil, and elemental magic.

  • Publish Date 16 February 2024 (first published 12 February 2024)
  • Publish Status Forthcoming
  • Imprint Silver Wing Press