The Warrior: Quest for Heroes, Book II (Quest of Heroes, #2)

by Stephen Aryan

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A sequel to 2021's hugely successful The Coward, a fantasy duology with an engaging anti-hero that is perfect for fans of Joe Abercrombie or Anna Smith Spark.

The story of Kell Kresia continues in Book II of the gripping fantasy duology. Kell, two time saviour of the Five Kingdoms, is now the King of Algany. He has fame, power, respect, and has never been more miserable...

Bound, by duty and responsibility, Kell is King only in name. Trapped in a loveless marriage, he leaves affairs of state to his wife, Sigrid. When his old friend, Willow, turns up asking him to go on a journey to her homeland he can't wait to leave.

The Malice, a malevolent poison that alters everything it infects, runs rampant across Willow's homeland. Desperate to find a cure her cousin, Ravvi, is willing to try a dark ritual which could damn her people forever. Journeying to a distant land, Kell and his companions must stop Ravvi before it's too late.While Kell is away Reverend Mother Britak's plans come to a head. Queen Sigrid must find a way to protect her family and her nation, but against such a ruthless opponent, something has to give...
  • ISBN10 0857669583
  • ISBN13 9780857669582
  • Publish Date 9 August 2022 (first published July 2022)
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country GB
  • Imprint Angry Robot