Flames Of Mira (The Rift Walker, #1)

by Clay Harmon

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Book cover for Flames Of Mira

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Born through life-threatening trials that bind chemical elements to the human body, Ig was forged in the boiling volcanoes under Mira's frozen lands. One of the most powerful known elementals, he serves as an enforcer for Magnate Sorrelo Adriann, cursed with flesh binding magic that will kill him at the first sign of disobedience.

When Sorrelo is overthrown, Ig quickly learns he can do far worse than what has been asked of him so far. If he can't escape the flesh binding in time, Ig will have to kill friend and foe alike to stop his master reclaiming the throne, or sacrifice himself trying.

  • ISBN10 1786185415
  • ISBN13 9781786185419
  • Publish Date 5 July 2022 (first published 26 April 2022)
  • Publish Status Forthcoming
  • Publish Country GB
  • Imprint Rebellion