Girls From Da Hood 13 (Girls from Da Hood, #13)

by Ms. Michel Moore, Treasure Hernandez, and Katt

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Three Urban Books authors have teamed up to bring the drama in this latest installment of the popular Girls from da Hood Series.

Get It, Get It!
by Ms. Michel Moore:
Monica was conceived on a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of a trap house. Cursed with a mother who worshiped the crack pipe more than her children, she quickly learned a Detroit reality: Get it how ya live or die trying. The young teenager is forced to beg, borrow, and steal to make sure she and her siblings survive to see another day. Cutthroat and conniving, Monica will make it, no matter who she has to step on or step over.

You Can’t Break Us
by Treasure Hernandez
: Voodo and his girl, Moni, are inseparable. Like a modern Bonnie and Clyde from the hood, they let no one, even family, get in their way. When the people they do “around the way” business with turn out to be verified snakes, the ruthless couple gets revenge the only way they know how—street justice. With the law in hot pursuit, it’s Voodo and Moni against the world, just like they always knew it would be.

So Far Gone 
by Katt:
Sometimes love is the best feeling in the world, but the wrong kind of love can turn you into an entirely different person. When good-girl-turned-bad Renee gets together with Keithon, it’s them against the world, until the streets get to talking and their fairy-tale relationship turns into a full-blown nightmare. Karma steps in and has her way with the couple, and their lives will never be the same.
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  • Publish Date 26 June 2018
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