The House of Sundering Flames (Dominion of the Fallen, #3)

by Aliette de Bodard

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The great magical Houses of Paris - headed by Fallen angels and magicians - were, however temporarily, at peace with each other. Until House Harrier was levelled by a powerful explosion. Now that peace has become chaos, tearing apart old alliances and setting off a race in which each House hoards magic and resources to protect itself against another such blast.

Thuan, the Dragon head of the divided House Hawthorn, is still consolidating his power when war comes to his doorstep. Aurore -exiled from and almost beaten to death by House Harrier - sees her moment to seek power in order to protect her family, even if she must venture back to her destroyed former home to get it. And Emmanuelle finds herself alone in the middle of it all, driven to protect others, trying to piece together what has happened, andhoping - eventually - to make sense of it all.
None of them know what destroyed House Harrier, though . . . and when they do uncover that fiery, destructive magic then divided Houses, old enemies and estranged friends will all have to make a decision: stand together, or burn alone . . .

Praise for Aliette de Bodard

'This portrait of a ruined Paris ruled by fallen angels is one I won't soon forget' Kate Elliot
'Aliette de Bodard presents a gritty, otherworldly Paris in her fast-paced, fantastical thriller' Washington Post
'Elegantly written' Guardian
'A superb blend of intrigue, mystery and magic, and urban fantasy; it's brilliantly written adn the story is gripping' Civilian Reader

  • ISBN10 1625674619
  • ISBN13 9781625674616
  • Publish Date 25 September 2019 (first published 25 July 2019)
  • Publish Status Active
  • Imprint Jabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.
  • Format Paperback (US Trade)
  • Pages 386
  • Language English