Cover of El regreso de Sarah Ellen

Una casa en la que nunca entra la luz del sol, una madre obsesiva, una niña con una extraña enfermedad, un bosque oscuro en el que es mejor no adentrarse...Estos son los elementos que rodean el caso para el que han sido contratados Aleister McNeal y Eloise Carter, los dos investigadores psíquicos que ya han demostrado su valor para enfrentarse a demonios, espíritus y casas encantadas. Por desgracia para ellos, en esta ocasión van a tener que luchar contra un enemigo mucho más dañino e implacable...

Cover of On Her Own

What’s the harm in taking a break from protecting the city for one date? Alison is about to find out…Bounty hunter license in hand and attitude in place, Alison is ready to house-train the city’s malevolent magicals.But even a Brownstone needs a little downtime!Cleansing Seattle of the Eastern Union’s threat was hard business.Exhausted and dripping with sweat at the gym, she collides with a man who gets her pulse pounding. Great first impression…Courting can be tricky when you’re busy taking out...

Cover of A Snake in the Grass

A Snake in the Grass by K A Stewart

Published 1 July 2014


Cover of The Fifth Day

The Fifth Day by Gordon Bonnet

Published 24 July 2018


Cover of Magicians of Night

Alone in the world of 1940 Germany, Rhion finds himself used and manipulated by the four would-be wizards of the Occult Bureau, who need him in their mission to defeat the enemies intent on conquering their fatherland.

Cover of Etched in Bone

Etched in Bone (Maker's Song) by Adrian Phoenix

Published 22 February 2011


I ain't running. And I sure as hell ain't hiding. But that vow brings consequences that Dante Baptiste - True Blood vampire, Fallen Maker, rock musician - never imagined. Now that the Fallen have finally found their long-awaited Maker, they have no intention of letting him walk away. Dante Baptiste's vow brings him face to face with those hunting both him and his lover, former FBI agent Heather Wallace - the covert Shadow Branch, the vampire Cercle de Druide, and rogue assassins - as he atte...

Cover of Soulless: The Manga, Vol. 3

Condemned by society and her werewolf husband due to a pregnancy she cannot explain, Alexia Maccon - preternatural, tea aficionado - seeks an explanation for this 'infant inconvenience' so as to cleanse her sullied reputation and prove her fool of a husband wrong. Preternaturals are a rare breed and the only history of their kind lies in Italy with the Templars, a group that once partnered with preternaturals to hunt down werewolves and vampires. Will Alexia find an explanation for her impossibl...

Cover of Who's Afraid of Beowulf?

The last Norse king of Caithness, Hrolf Earthstar and his 12 champions are woken from a centuries-long sleep when an archaeologist finds their grave. He decides to carry on his ancient war against the Sourcerer-King, and must face such perils as BBC film crews and the Bakerloo line along the way.

Cover of Crows Among Doves

Crows Among Doves by Kristin James

Published 12 November 2016


Cover of Banshee Hunt

Banshee Hunt by Greg Curtis

Published 27 December 2015


Cover of Missing Tomorrow

Missing Tomorrow by Ken Scudero

Published 10 April 2014


Cover of The Masque and the Dagger

The Masque and the Dagger by Benjamin Truant

Published 20 September 2011


Cover of Bruised 2

Bruised 2 (Bruised Series, #2) by Azarel

Published 27 October 2020


Cover of House of Resurrection

THE MUMMIES HAVE RETURNED. All over the world, in museums and private collections, the mummies have resurrected. No one knows why or how. Except the Vatican & it's determined the secret shall never be told. Now, held by curious governments, the ancient Egyptians are nothing but laboratory guinea pigs - helpless and frightened in this strange new world. Only three people can help them; the three that resurrected them, Ellie, Ben and Gerhard. Determined to maintain their monotheism power-base...