The Shadow Master (The Shadow Master, #1)

by Craig Cormick

Steve Stone (Cover Designer)

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Book cover for The Shadow Master

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In a land riven with plague, in the infamous Walled City, two families vie for control – the Medicis with their genius inventor Leonardo; the Lorraines with Galileo, the most brilliant alchemist of his generation.

And when two star-crossed lovers, one from either house, threaten the status quo, a third, shadowy power – one that forever seems a step ahead of all of the familial warring – plots and schemes, and bides its time, ready for the moment to attack…

File Under: Fantasy [ Wherefore Art Thou | Fathers of Invention | Unexpected Journeys | Secrets & Lies ]
  • ISBN13 9780857665164
  • Publish Date 24 June 2014 (first published 1 January 2014)
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country GB
  • Imprint Angry Robot
  • Edition New edition
  • Format eBook (EPUB)
  • Pages 352
  • Language English