Spider's Bite: An Elemental Assassin Book (Elemental Assassin, #1)

by Jennifer Estep

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Book cover for Spider's Bite

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Follow Gin Blanco, a kick-butt female assassin who moonlights at a BBQ joint in Tennessee, as she searches for the person who double-crossed her in this heart-pounding and fresh paranormal romance series.

After Gin’s family was murdered by a Fire elemental when she was thirteen, she lived on the streets and eventually became an assassin to survive. Now, Gin is assigned to rub out an Ashland businessman, but it turns out to be a trap. After Gin’s handler is brutally murdered, she teams up with the sexy detective investigating the case to figure out who double-crossed her and why. Only one thing is for sure—Gin has no qualms about killing her way to the top of the conspiracy.
  • ISBN10 1439155437
  • ISBN13 9781439155431
  • Publish Date 26 January 2010
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country US
  • Publisher Simon & Schuster
  • Imprint Pocket Books
  • Format eBook (EPUB)
  • Pages 432
  • Language English