Huntress: Book 7 (Night World, #7)

by L.J. Smith

4 of 5 stars 4 ratings • 1 review • 4 shelved
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Huntress: Book 7 (Night World, #7)

by L.J. Smith

4 of 5 stars 4 ratings • 1 review • 4 shelved

In 'Huntress', Jez Redfern is wild and dangerous, and the leader of a gang of Night World vampires. But Jez discovers a shocking secret, and faces a terrifying choice: she must either remain a deadly crusader of evil, or fight to protect innocent mortals from her former friends ... But can she resist her instinct for blood?

In 'Black Dawn', Maggie Neely's biggest worry is leading her soccer team to victory - until her brother, Miles, goes missing. Maggie must find him. Her search leads Maggie to the vampire, Delos, to whom she is strangely attracted. But while Delos lives, Miles could be lost forever. Can Maggie bring herself to destroy him? Or will Delos get to Maggie first?

In 'Witch Light', Keller is part shapeshifter, part panther. She is searching for a new Wild Power. But can the dizzy human girl, Iliana, really be it? And then there's the dashing, romantic Galen. Keller has strong feelings for him. But he's destined to be Iliana's soulmate. Can Keller keep away? Or will she break her promise, and fall in love?

  • ISBN10 0340996641
  • ISBN13 9780340996645
  • Publish Date 2 July 2009 (first published 1 September 1997)
  • Publish Status Out of Print
  • Out of Print 28 January 2021
  • Publish Country GB
  • Publisher Hachette Children's Group
  • Imprint Hodder Children's Books
  • Format Paperback (B-Format (198x129 mm))
  • Pages 624
  • Language English


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As number seven in the series it does well to keep the overall story going, references past books and ultimately working to start bringing it all together.