Cover of Bridge of Souls

#1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Schwab invites readers to New Orleans in this instalment of her thrillingly spooky City of Ghosts series! Where there are ghosts, Cassidy Blake follows ... unless it's the other way around? Cass thinks she might have this ghost-hunting thing down. After all, she and her ghost best friend, Jacob, have survived two haunted cities while travelling for her parents' TV show. But nothing can prepare Cass for New...

Cover of Evernight

For Elle, she thought the day she learned she was a Shifter was the most frustrating day of her life. Well, that was until she found herself in the middle of a war between her best friend and boyfriend. Now, everything is about to change for this trio as a known Witch in Shady Oaks has decided to wage a war against the Shifters and Otherworldly Creatures. This time, Elle may find herself battling with new powers and without her trusted best friend, Maddox. Discover how hearts are broken and men...

Cover of The Ghost Hunter's Daughter

The Ghost Hunter's Daughter by Caroline Flarity

Published 22 April 2019

Young Adult

Cover of The Killer's Cousin

The Killer's Cousin by Nancy Werlin

Published 13 October 1998

Young Adult

After being acquitted of murder, seventeen-year-old David goes to stay with relatives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he finds himself forced to face his past as he learns more about his strange young cousin Lily.

Cover of Jeremy Cutler and the Torch of Time

Jeremy Cutler and the Torch of Time by Michael Faix

Published 30 November 2017

Young Adult

Cover of The Combination

On the hundredth anniversary of the erection of a high school building by an architect considered to be insane, the misdialing of locker combinations may turn the structure into a gateway to hell unless students Dante, Miranda, and Vincent can help historian Dr. Spangler stop it.

Cover of Phobia

Phobia by Mohammad Al Anazi

Published 25 December 2015

Young Adult

Cover of Wall Crawlers

Wall Crawlers (Horror Hotel) by Tim Collins

Published 2 September 2019

Young Adult

Cover of The Lane

The Lane (Papercuts II) by Iain McLaughlin

Published 31 January 2019

Young Adult

Cover of Rules for Vanishing

Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall

Published 24 September 2019

Young Adult

Do you want to play the game?Once a year, a road appears in the woods at midnight and the ghost of Lucy Gallows beckons, inviting those who are brave enough to play her game. If you win, you escape with your life. But if you lose...It's almost a year since Becca went missing. Everyone else has given up searching for her, but her sister, Sara, knows she disappeared while looking for Lucy Gallows. Determined to find her, Sara and her closest friends enter the woods. But something more sinister tha...

Cover of Beneath the Lighthouse

Beneath the Lighthouse by Julieanne Lynch

Published 1 June 2018

Young Adult

Cover of A Foot in the Grave

A Foot in the Grave by Jan Pienkowski and Joan Aiken

Published 2 November 1989

Young Adult

By the same author and illustrator as "A Necklace of Raindrops", "Tale of a One Way Street", "The Kingdom Under the Sea" which won the Kate Greenway medal and "Past Eight O'Clock". This book tells of a number of eerily plausible ghosts, some of which are benevolent, in New York.

Cover of Ghost Maven

Ghost Maven by Tony Lee Moral

Published 1 October 2016


Cover of Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny by N J Damschroder

Published 3 October 2018

Young Adult

Cover of Wanted

Wanted (Papercuts II) by Jenni Spangler

Published 31 January 2019

Young Adult

Cover of The Prize

The Prize (Big Top of Horrors) by Ann Evans

Published 3 April 2018

Young Adult