Lady of Light and Shadows (Tairen Soul, #2)

by C. L. Wilson

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The Second Chapter in C. L. Wilson's Breathtaking Epic Tale of Magic, Passion, and Destiny

She feared the dark visions and the magic within her.
And she dreamed of the miraculous love that could save her.

Like an enchanted fairy tale prince he stepped from the sky to claim her—the Fey King, her destiny, her one and true love. But behind the mesmerizing beauty of Rain's violet eyes Ellysetta saw the passionate hunger of the beast . . . and a sorrow, deep and ancient, that she alone could heal. Only for him would she embrace the frightening power that dwells within her. Only with him at her side coudl she confront the shadows that haunt her soul. For an epic battle looms on the horizon—and only united can they hope to turn back the armies of the darkness.

  • ISBN10 0062023012
  • ISBN13 9780062023018
  • Publish Date 20 October 2011 (first published 1 November 2007)
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Avon Books
  • Format Paperback (US Mass Market)
  • Pages 432
  • Language English